Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pub Sir Joseph

My friend Cat gave me an idea: the flash review. It'll be short and sweet! The reason is that I had just eaten dinner so I basically had only one bite of everything.

This place is a new little gem right at the corner of St-Laurent and, you guessed it, St-Joseph! It has a nice ambiance with people laughing and talking about (AND #1 Crush from Garbage playing!)! We were a little group celebrating my friend T's birthday and since he lives close, we decided to go there! What a great choice! On top of having great service by knowledgeable and always smiling staff, they serve good wine and good food! Actually, it's chef Martin Juneau from La Montée de lait that leads the kitchen!

1. Bhajis d'oignons avec mayonnaise au cari.
-Mayo good and quite intense
-Nice and crunchy
-Cute presentation
-Onion could have been cut smaller: long pieces in my mouth!

2. Huitres de Lucille's.
-Salty and briny. No surprise there!
-Getting used to those slowly but surely :p

3. Saumon fumé.
-Full of flavour
-Turnips still crispy and well marinated

4. Plateau de charcuterie
-Reminds me of the great charcuterie of Corsica
-Fresh and delicious
-Mousse de foie soft, onctious and freaking delicious
-Came with soft bread and some pickled veggies that I didn't care
 for that much


5. Grosses frites et mayo
-Mayo nice and silky
-Fries well seasoned but could have been a tad crispier
-2nd sauce nicely chunky and tomato-y

On top of all this, Cat and I shared a bottle of white wine that was de-licious! Not too strong, not too weak... just right :p Oh...AND the prices are just right, most plates coming in at under 10$ :) Me likes!

Service: 9 (note that in the end, the waitress had to separate a shiz load of bills and kept her smile!)
Food: 7,5

BAM! Flash review!

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Carl said...

Pourquoi votre blogue est en anglais?

Marie said...

Euh, parce que, apparament, je suis plus drole en anglais! :p ET c'est plus facile d'écrire en anglais qu'en francais!