Tuesday, September 17, 2013


When you live in Lachine and you plan on eating...IN Lachine, you have few options. OK, few good options. My sister was in town and she's a freak of walking so we decided to walk to around the 32nd avenue and check out 'the resto scene'. Well there were a couple Italian restos and this Portugese one. And since I'm in forever search of the food I ate when I was in Portugal last year, I said OH YES to this resto. (ps: there are 3 Barrosos in the 514)

It was a nice day and they have a cute little [but quite narrow] terrasse so we obviously chose that option! On top of it you get a partial view (yes, partial because there's a building hiding half of it) of the water. There was some portugese music playing in the background.

We had to wait quite a while to order because there was only one waiter and there were other clients on the terrasse. Anyhoot, we all had the table d'hôte: started off with a very plain salad with three olives and too many onions (and for me to say that...). I had the sardines because that's one of the many things I loved to eat in Portugal (it's actually there that I started liking the little ones). There were four huge sardines, almost exceeding the surface of my plate. They were very tasty and with just a tad of lemon, were perfect. The only thing was that, well, I didn't remember that sardines had that many bones. I'm serious, I think I swallowed a pound of bones while eating lunch. I COULD have died. Could have. The rice was minute maid. Minute maid man! Geez. The chips were homemade, crispy and a tad tasteless; lots of ketchup went on those babies! My mom had the shrimp and they were DE-licious. Well seasoned and well cooked. I despise overcooked shrimp (and usually, the people that cook them... just... kidding). She thought they were spicy but they were just perfect, really!My sister had the chicken breast that was too dry, but the bread that came with it was fluffy, at least!

The service was as good as the rice (ok, that's just being mean!). It took the waiter a good 10 to 15 minutes to come back to our table and take our orders and our water glasses were empty half the time. Oh, and my mom had ordered the place and not the table d'hôte but she got the latter...

And now, the scores!

Food: 6,5
Service: a generous 6

If you miss Portugal, don't go there but if you want to eat a simple dish that resembles it a tad, this is the place.

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