Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Moutons noirs

All I have to say about this resto is DISAPOINTING! But first, the review:

I had been told by one of my coworkers that this place was nice and the fact that you could bring your own wine and they would then offer you an array of sangria mixes was cool.
A good thing was that even if we were seated inside at first, we could go outside if a table cleared. So we waited about 10minutes and went outside onto a tight but cute terasse.

We ordered the litchi sangria (mango, cranberries, litchi). The waiter forgot our cranberries and just came to our table and plopped them into our pitcher which was not too nice. We waited a long time for our bread but at least it was warm when it arrived! We ordered the saumon avec croûte d'oignons et l'agneau soleil. We wanted these at separate times for us to be able to share both and this proved to be very freaking difficult to understand by our waiter. And we payed the price.

We got the saumon about 20 minutes after our arrival and we got the other plate about 1 hour and some after. UNCOOL! We ended up ordering another pitcher of sangria. Waited and waited and finally we had to ask someone about our plate and they seemed surprised at first and then said that the kitchen was 'having problems'. right.

FINALLY we got our lamb aaaaaaaaaand it was cold! Oh no they dsidn't!!! hahaha. But seriously. By that time I was so angry that on our resto date night that I was inviting my girlfriend to, that they would fuck up so much! We took one bite. It was alright but as I mentioned, cold! I kindly called on the waitress and told her we were returning the plate and we didn't want to pay for it. She came back 5 minutes later to say it was OK. You better believe it's ok!!!!

En plus, on avait entendu une autre serveuse dire à des clients, en espagnol, que le resto était pas superet surtout pas le service, et la cuisine! The wife translated this for me and I mean, if people working at the restaurant think it's not that good, that can't be good, now can it?

So basically the only reason we stayed that long is that we had sangria.

service: 4/10 (the guy inside absolutely sucked but the girl outside was nicer)
food: 5/10 (not exceptional and let's not forget our second plate was cold and we just ate one bite each)

All in all, possibly our worst restaurant experience in Montreal, sadly. We had such high hopes!!! I ended up giving 7% tip and we walked over to Rockaberry to eat some well deserved GOOD desert!

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