Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I had heard about this restaurant in Chinatown a while back and really wanted to try it. Actually I'd heard great things about their salt and pepper pork so obviously I was going there for that. 

If I hadn't known the address, I would not have found it: it's on the second floor of a now defunct grocery store (used to be my fave grocery store and now iz dead :( ). 

This place looks like nothin'. NOTHIN'! When I got there, there were three men practically sleeping, waiting for someone to come in. Plus, there's wall to wall dirty carpeting and what could possibly be a nice view of Chinatown is blocked by posters, air conditionner and many dusty plants.

I was told to choose my table and my rude looking waiter came to give me the menu, some tea and some water. I knew what I wanted to have so I ordered right away. Let me just tell you that for 5,95$, you get soup AND a huge plate. And by huge, I mean HUGE! 

My meal started off with some spicy soup. It was alright but as it usually is, it was a bit too... slimy for my taste. I did like the addition of the green onions. They added a nice freshness and needed crunch.

Look at that huge mother freaking plate!!! Fried pork (and I'll try anything fried... except for KFC), veggies, springroll and a ton of rice! I still cannot believe the price! The pork was tender and juicy, the onions and the peppers were a tad spicy which was very much welcomed and the eggroll was nice and simple. The sauce they gave to dip it in was a tad lemony so I put some on the rice too to give it more flavor. Only thing was that most pieces of pork were half we all know... there's a shiz load of fat in pork. 

The service was not as good as the food: it was 'family dinner' time so they were all busy eating. I almost had to yell to get more water. I felt bad so I was about to get up and pour myself a glass when my waiter actually turned around and brought me the whole pitcher.

And now, the scores!

Food: 7.5
Service: 5

I was not disapointed but better service would have been swell!

ps: they gave me 2 fortune cookies at the end... quite happy :)

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Marmite su'l feu

I'd been meaning to check out the little food kiosks at marché Atwater for a while and today I had the opportunity to go and try one of them! I mean, I'd try all of them at once but my stomach ain't that big. I decided to get my lunch at Marmite su'l feu, this Ile de la Réunion spot. Man did I SO NOT regret my choice!

Reunionese peeps make amazing food with some chinese, indian and malagasy (Madagascar) influences. Um, hello! I think we should just call it Marie cuisine! Yes?

I was welcomed by the owner who is so darn tootin enthusiastic about his thang that it just makes you want to buy your lunch there! He explained to me what he had (it was 11h30 am... so not everything was ready) and what a first timer should def try...All in all a very good chef and his cook was very nice as well!

OK so this may look a tad unappealing but oh shiz was it good! They call it un bouchon! SO cute :) It's basically a little dumpling. It had this amazing citrusy punch of flavor which I then learned was combava, also more commonly called, according to Wikipedia, Kaffir limes (I say 'according to' because I'm not totally sure they're the same). That, mixed with some soya sauce and hot sauce was a damn good bite!! And for only 80¢ a pop, i'd eat a dozen very easily!

I then had the vegetarian sandwich with 'dakatine' and 'achards' (basically, dakatine is a brand of peanut butter and achards are somewhat pickled veggies). It was HUGE! And it was GOOD! The dakatine gave it that extra umph and creaminess and I gotta say that even if I had not ever eva eaten a sandwich with carrots or cauliflower in it... it was delicious and fit right in there! They also ask you if you want to 'make it hot' by adding some hot sauce. Of course I did that... duh! And it was greatness! Who knew a vegetable sandwich could taste so good? The bread was not too soggy, not too hard, just perfect! That's my kind of sandwich!!!

I know I brought my meal home but I gotta give em props for service! They were incredibly friendly and answered all my questions!

And now, the scores!

Service: 10
Food: 8.5

I'm FOSHO going back to try more of their dishes, especially their yummy looking curries!!! Plus, it's only a 5 minute bikeride from my place! Score!

ps: Marmite su'l feu also have a kiosk at Marché Maisonneuve, corner of Ontario and Amherst!

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