Monday, December 10, 2018

Acqua & Farina (Roma Termini)

First thing you do when you get to Italy? Well, you look for food. Italian food. Duh. Pasta or pizza, I seriously didn't give a flying f*ck. You know, those kinds. 

On our first day, my travel buddy Em and I were walking, trying to find our way to the Colosseum, where hundreds of thousands of gladiators and animals fought, thousands of years ago. You know, the usual day. As we were going down the via (street) Principe Amedeo, our nostrils flared up and we turned to see tasty looking pizza in this tiny restaurant.

Basically, they make rectangular pizza, and they cut the piece that you want. You then pay by weight. Peeerrrfect. I'll have a whole one please. We went there twice. We would've gone at least 6 times, but we kind of lost track of where we were... and got lost more than once. Ugh. How annoying is it to get lost whilst looking for your true love? True love being this yummy pizza, of course!

The first time, we both had a pizza that had just been taken out of the oven: the zucchini pizza. Our first thought was this: 'well, let's just have the freshest one'. But then, it became so much more than that. Watch out, sh*t's about to get deep. Basically, they cut it, they fold it, you eat it. We had a pizz-gasm on our first bite, for shizzle. Em and I looked at each other and were like daaaang we going back fosho. The crust was perfect: not too thick and not too thin. The zucc was almost buttery and melted in your mouth with cheesy goodness. Ugh... I'd like to go back right about now. Just look at it up there. And say hello.
When we went back (after trying to find it for what seemed like an eternity), we both had the mushroom pizza. This wasn't a normal run-of-the-mill mushroom pizza! No, no. Sliced thin, the mushroom had that woodsy, almost meaty flavour that we oh so love. OK, this sounds like a love story. Well, it IS. 

I think we would've continued going back every day, for as long as we could have. That pizza was a revelation, man. A damn revelation. You think I exaggerate? Then go. Just go to Roma Termini, take a left and then another left (or was it a right?).

And now, le score!

Pizza: 9.5 ONLY because the second time, they didn't have the zucc one, good and ready

It's obvious that I'll be going back next time. When in Rome, am I right?

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