Monday, December 30, 2013

Wok Café

I had to eat out since, well... I'm working at the new Juliette et Chocolat on Ste-Cat near a bunch of asian restos (it's second China town!) !!! OH YES!!! ----WARNING: flash review!!

I wanted to eat OK to good chinese (ish, of course) food so I left my restaurant (who can eat crepes every day?) and went back to a favorite from my old job in the same area and hit Wok Café.

General Tao chicken
-Nice texture
-Veggies are good, not too strong tasting and well cooked
-Rice very blend
-Very tasty sauce
-Spring roll that came with it was blend but crispy

And now, the score!


An obvious choice if you work in the Faubourg Ste-Catherine, where there is NO good food except maybe for Bangkok but who can eat pad thai every day!!!

ps: A friend almost scolded me for going to Wok Café. Arguably not the best around but it still comforted my little stomach that evening. And had the left overs for lunch the next day!

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013


My good friend Lea wanted to bring me out to eat at a resto. Well, of course I had to say 'hells ya'! At first we wanted to go to Ludger on Notre-Dame but it was closed on Sundays (as are most of the restaurants in the area, sadly). So we decided to go for Mexican at Limon!

It's more of a higher class Mexican place... not like ze mexican dives out there (love those too!) :p And certainly not like 3 Amigos... but we understand each other... 3 Amigos is NOT Mexican. This place is very cute and seems a tad fancy at first glance. But then you see all the funny paintings of dogs with mustaches and you're like 'pfff, I fit right in!' (uh, not that I have a mustache or anything). Anyhoot, this resto has around 70 seats and although many tables said 'reserved' when we arrived, most of them were unoccupied when we left 1 hour and a half later :/ Oh, there's also a terrasse at the back but on that day, it was way too chilly to attempt eating outside.

We chose to share our plates (the best thing to do, always!).We chose the nachos, the shrimp salad, the tilapia ceviche, the chicken tacos el pastor and the shrimp tacos. Of course...what goes well with mexican food? Well sangria of course! It was actually quite good(not the best)... and we had the white one (way better than the red one I believe).

The sangria was very refreshing and had nice flavors. Not like the one you make in a second; the one where you seep the fruits for some time.

The guacamole was very soft and silky and the nachos were great and very crispy. You could totally taste the yummy coriander in the guacamole which made the dish, I think!

The ceviche was very pretty, the fish was perfect, tender and tasty. The lime was present but not too much and the pickled onions were a nice touch and totally added to all the flavors. Lea couldn't get enough of it!
Wow, what a salad. We could have done without the huge shell, which was tasty but was still overwhelming our plate. The avocado was perfectly ripe and the shrimp were damn good. It was slightly spicy but not too much and the vinaigrette was quite fruity which was actually a good match. It was a bit too big though: I don't see one person ordering this as an appetizer.

The chicken tacos were wonderful, with frsh salsa and sour cream and with an extra of salsa verde. YUM-MY! The chicken was well charred which brought out its flavors and again, the coriander was very present (me LOVES coriander) There was also a hint of pineapple which added a little je ne sais quoi ;)

The shrimp tacos came with guacamole and had a nice thick sauce on top. You just have to add a touch of guacamole and maybe some salsa verde on top and you're in shrimp heaven.
At the end, I was so full, I had to tell my food to 'get in my belly' because I wanted to eat the whole thing!
As for the service, well our waiter, who was very present at first only to be very absent near the end, forgot the shrimp tacos. Grrr. I hate it when waiters forget a part of your meal! And at first, we got lots of water service and then not so much. It's like he lost interest in working?!!
And now, the scores!
Food: 8.25
Service: 6.5

A great place to go and eat somewhat fancy mexican food. This place has been around for a while so there must be a good reason!

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