Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nantha's kitchen @ Fabergé

Fabergé is an awesome breakfast/brunch resto that just happens to have a chef serve up Malaysian food on Friday nights ( Slow Down Papa is the awesome name Nantha is giving it, and I'll take it! Nantha being the chef, of course! He's been doing this for a couple years: transform an awesome resto into an even awesomer (yes, it's a word, I totes checked) one on Friday evenings.
Fabergé has a chill vibe with chill people. It's chill. Super chill. You feel like you're in a friend's living room kind of chill. It's white, with drawings on the walls, with white seats and lots of wood. The music that's playing is, wait for it... you guessed it... chill! As soon as you enter, you get hit by an Asian wave. You know, that one! That great smelling wave. I could ride that wave all day :p

I was there to take pics of the food in the kitchen and you know, eat the good stuff. Ah, my resto blogging job really does suck. Aaaaaand scene! Of course I'm kidding! I get to be invited to try food at awesome restaurants. Ya, that's pretty much the best damn job in my book.
Pad thai. Nantha made this especially for me: a very thin omelet that was wrapped around the pad thai. Like the most tasty gift ever. He said it took some time so that's why he just can't always do it. Usually, the egg is in there but in pieces. Just as tasty but not as pretty! The omelet itself was so thin, I wondered for a moment if it was a crepe! It was a tad cold which was unfortunate but the pad thai inside was hot and perfect. The noodles were done to perfection, the spices were all there, the coriander and the thai basil were just wow. Well, I'm biased because my all time fave herb is coriander. Ah, coriander and me: a love story. The sprouts were nice and crisp and the shrimp, albeit a bit small for my taste (y'all know I like huge 16-caliber shrimp), were cooked perfectly. The lime added some freshness to it and the level of spice was right on. Seriously: I would not have wanted it spicier nor less spicy. There were also shrimp chips in there! When I was in the kitchen, the cook showed me what they looked like before he threw them in the fryer! Increeeeeedible! All in all, I could say, without reservation, that it was the best pad thai I've ever eaten.

Service was great. As the place was filling up, the only waiter was still super chill! I would have shot myself 8 times in the head by then. He brought me a bottle of water and a glass of wine. The second one, he finished the bottle in my glass. Yes. That's what I like :) He came to check up on me a couple times, which was nice!

And now, the scores!

Food: 9
Service: 9

Awesome food was had. I'm going back next week and the week after that until Nantha can't cook no more.

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Friday, October 28, 2016


Are you like me and go cray cray for Asian? Nantha's kitchen @Fabergé has amazeballs Malaysian nights. Share my blog FB page ( this picture on your timeline AND like this pic! Oh and why don't you go ahead and like my fb page and Fabergé's ( AND Nantha's kitchen's ( page while you're at it. In 7 days, a lucky Asian food lover, eater of Malay will win TWO meals at this uber chill, awesome resto in the Mile-End! Dinner will take place the 11th of November!

Vous êtes amoureux de la bouffe asiatique comme moi? Les soirées Malaisiennes sont de retour au Fabergé par nul autre que Nantha Kumar!  Partagez ma page FB OU cette photo sur votre mur et aimez cette photo! Et pourquoi pas aimer ma page FB, celle de Fabergé ET celle de Nantha! Dans 7 jours, quelqu'un se méritera un repas pour deux signé Nantha, le 11 novembre!

Bonne chance!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Satay Brothers

Last week, I partied way too hard. Like, WAY. Ugh. I remember tequila shots. And more tequila shots. It wasn't pretty. This level of drunkeredness (yes, this is an AWESOME made up word) only meant one thing: a huge hangover. No amount of water or tylenol would fix what was to become the winner of all hangovers: a two-day one. Ugh. I needed food. Good food on the cheap side. As I've said before, it seems like most of the restaurants in the South-West are closed on Sunday so Lea and I had to try to find la perle rare as we say in French. Loosely translated, a gem, nay, the holy grail! The winner of this lengthy search was none other than Satay Brothers.
Satay brothers have a stand in the Atwater market during the summer and it's always uber busy. I've eaten there on a warm sunny day and it was delicious. Well, this time, we were going to the actual restaurant on Notre-Dame. Mmmkay, so as soon as you walk in, you find yourself looking right back to the entrance to make sure you're still on Notre-Dame. I compared it with the old Warshaw that used to be on St-Laurent. I remember going in there once with a friend and we had to make sure we were still in Montreal. It's like entering a whole other (Asian) world.

I absolutely LOVED the deco. Lots of lanterns everywhere, dragons (and tigers and bears, oh my!), birdcages hanging right beside the bar, Asian currency taped to a wall. It felt and looked like what I could only describe as an Asian diner. I. Love. It. The place itself, at that time, wasn't that busy but the ambiance was still oh-so-present. Some oldies were playing on the radio and everyone was merry! Well, except me: I was hungover as f*ck.

We wanted to eat everything on the menu. Alas, our stomachs would not have been OK with that choice. We decided to share two different buns (buuuuns!), the Laksa and the Char Kuay Teow.
The pork bun, more commonly known as the damn-this-is-effin-good bun. So... this was effin good. First off, that bun resembled the texture of a perfect cloud. Soft, airy, awesome (clouds can be awesome too, you know!). The pork was perfect: juicy, tender, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The coriander, well, you know where I stand with coriander: I loves me lots of it, ALL the time. This was a hit.
The crab salad bun. Special of the day. We were totes excited about the prospect of crab in a bun but were a tad disappointed. Seriously, you could have told me it was any other kind of seafood and I would not have known the difference. It was a bit watery and the bun, being fried, had kind of lost it's softness and cloudiness. Let's just say I'd pick the pork bun over the crab bun any day of the week.
Char Kuay Teow. On the menu, it was written rice noodles but it was definitely egg noodles, the fatter friend of the tiny rice noodle. Let's just say if there was a fight between both noodles, the egg one would win by a landslide. See, these are things I think about daily. (erratum: my token Asian friend, Jer, tells me there are different sizes to rice noodles when I thought it was just the tiny one. So, in this case, the rice might have won over the egg!)When the plate was placed in front of me, my first thought was this: 'oh, now that's brown'. I put the colour aside and discovered a whole new world. It was full of flavor! It tasted like ginger and it tasted like hot peppers. I love that combo! It was multi layered! The Chinese sausage was yummy and moist and all that good stuff. I was just saddened that there were only about 4 pieces of it in the dish. The shrimp were cooked perfectly. I find it so hard to have someone serve me the perfect shrimp and Satay Brothers brought it, brought it good. Green onions brought in another level of flavor and the bean sprouts totes fit in there. All in all, I was genuinely surprised after judging the dish for its brownness or lack of colour if you would.
Laksa. Chili shrimp coconut soup. Now THIS is a comforting piece of soup. Piece of soup? Ya, I'm going with that! Coriander was awesome in there and although I didn't like it as much as Lea, it was really tasty and right up my alley. The noodles were way too cooked and started breaking down as soon as they hit my mouth. Or before, which made this a bit hard to eat. The shrimp in there were really on par, but I felt like the whole thing was emanating shrimp. Meh. Not a fan of the emanation. It was spicy, which was really welcomed. I love spiciness that sometimes, I'm ready to cry for it :)

Service was great! First impressions are very important and the manager/owner/bartender/everything dude just said 'join me!' and we were hooked. He was very efficient, as if he'd been born to restaurateurs parents and had lived in a restaurant his whole life. You know, THAT kind of guy. We got our plates fast and water was served as soon as we sat down.

And now, the scores!

Food: 8
Service: 8.5

Toootes goin' back and no one will be able to stop me. Warning: I might also go back on my next hangover.

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Monday, October 17, 2016


Who should be your best friend when you're hungover? Well, the fastest, most greasiest food, of course! And if you think McDonald's is your only option (it IS a good option), think again.
Greenspot must be close to 70 years old. Iz old. And it LOOKS old. And a tad dingy. They have done some small renos but the seats and tables are screaming out for more. Screaming. Out. "Heeeelp me!" Anyway, they should totes do something. The noise from dishes being cleaned and polished and put away was loud enough to a: make me wonder if there was any music playing at all and b: feed my headache.

I got in and waited at least 2 or 3 minutes before one of the 5 or 6 waitresses noticed me and sent me to a table that was only to be cleaned about 5 minutes after that. And by cleaned I mean she got to my table, took the paper placemat and gave me the 'unused' one that was in front with those utensils. Guys, it's possible I ate with used cutlery. Bah.

I finally got the menu from the unsmiling waitress. She actually looked a bit mean. Maybe it was a bad day. Oh, and the menu was right next to me. Hahaha! The whole time, I was fuming because she wasn't giving me a menu and then BAM: proof that my hungover self ain't the smartest cat in the world.
I ordered what every hungover-in-need-of-grease person would: fries and hotdogs! The fries were really awesome and big and hand cut. Ah, hand cut fries, a lost art. They were near perfect: only lacking a bit of salt. I obviously didn't eat half of them because if I had, well, I would have gained a good 12 pounds. Totes serious. I had the grilled hot dog and not the steamed one: I prefer my bread grilled. The bread was great and crunchy, the wiener (hehe, wiener!) was not the best but not the worse I've had, the sauerkraut tasted a tad old and over fermented at first but became better as I ate more of it.

Service was no good. I'm serious, eating in a diner should be akin to the Asian dining experience: quick and efficient. Instead, I got no water, no smile, and there was a possibility I was eating with dirty cutlery. Yuk.

And now, the scores!!


I tried it, I won't be going back. I'll go to McDonald's instead! 

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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Le Doggy Café Super contest!!!!

Oh hi!
Ya baby, my first contest! Now THIS is exciting!!!!

Who better to eat with than your best friend: a doooooggy!!! Oh, and maybe a friend! Share my blog FB page on your FB timeline AND go to  (or click on the title of this post) to like this pic or any other Le Doggy Café pic I will post in the next week! Oh and why don't you like my fb page AND Le Doggy Café page ( while you're at it. By the end of next week, a lucky dog owner/ lover will win TWO meals at this uber-cute dog-friendly resto on the plateau! Oh and your name will be entered as many times as you share my page on your wall :)

Ça vous dit, un p'tit repas en amoureux avec votre.... pitou? Et avec un ami, bien sûr! Partagez ma page FB sur votre mur ET aimez cette photo ou une autre photo du Le Doggy Café dans les 6 prochains jours au (ou bien clickez sur le titre de ce post) ! Pourquoi pas en faire plus et aimer ma page FB ET celle du Le Doggy Café! À la fin de la semaine prochaine, quelqu'un se méritera un repas pour deux au café le plus dog-friendly sur Montréal! En passant, le nombre de fois que vous allez partager ma page FB sera égal au nombre de fois que votre nom se retrouvera dans le tirage! Woohoo!

Woof woof!

Friday, October 7, 2016


Since before I can remember (I have a very bad memory), I've wanted to eat brunch at Nozy. I went with Lea a couple months back to have their omakase menu (about 7 or 8 dishes, chef's choice) and had been pleasantly surprised. Well, baby gurl (yes, I call MYSELF that too) was back. With a vengeance! OK, I do NOT know what that entails.
For the restaurant itself and the décor and what have yous, por favor go read my first blog post on Nozy: 

Aight, so, I was there with Jer, Lea and Bridgert, all fans of the Asian persuasion. Who isn't, am I right? I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I'm convinced I was Asian in another life. Totes fosho. And by that, I mean foshizzle my nizzle. And by THAT, I mean imma gonna stop talking. The end.

I had seen pics of Nozy's brunch on facebook and since then, I had been drooling uncontrollably. I look weird when I drool. I try not to do it often.
Sashimi X 4. So what if I KIND of forced Jer bear to share this with me. He got LOTS of thai basil from my garden in exchange :) I think that's a fair trade. Aight, so we got tuna, yellow fin tuna, salmon and snapper. OR the best damn sashimi anyone has ever had. The presentation was oh-so-pretty: beautiful plate with some shiso leaves and some very fine daikon. This shizzle was super fresh. Nay, it was uber fresh. The yellow fin basically melted in my mouth and the snapper was like fish candy. That dson't sound good. Let me rephrase: it was one of the best pieces of fish to ever hit my palate. It was very tasty and had a great sweet side to it. The tuna and salmon were also awesome but the two other pieces of fish were the stars of the plate. OH, did I forget to mention that it was REAL wasabi? Fo realz! Man, that stuff is so rare, they must sell it on the black market or some sh*t. Well, it makes all the difference in my book.
Take Kago or 5 appetizers. If you can't decided what the f to eat, I suggest ordering this bad boy. I mean, how pretty is this? I'd say 13 on a scale of 1 to hells yes. We got marinated beets, a house salad, salmon sashimi, eggplant dip with wonton chips and karaage. OK, first off, I could've done without the salad. When I get a salad like this one in a restaurant, I feel a bit cheated. And that's all I'll say about that. The beets were actually really nice: not too sweet and not too acidic. And I loves me some good beets so it was right up my alley (you know, that beet alley!). The chicken, forget about it. Just forgeeeeeeeeeet about it. Hands down, way down, one of the best karaage I've eaten, ever. Jer took a bite and looked at me with a face that said 'dsamn', or 'wow'. I couldn't quite make it out. When something is both crunchy AND moist, I give them 8 thumbs up. Iz a good thing we were four. The spices were subtle but still present and, well, it was, wait for it, you know it's comin'.... heaven in my mouth! I should totes have a copyright on that phrase.

OH! Don't forget that every dish comes with one of the most marvellously misoed soup.

Service was good throughout. We got water and then we got more water and then... you get the point! She explained the specials ..twice! Hey, we are not the easiest gang of eater outers. Ya, it's a thang. All in all, good service.

And now, the scores!

Food: 8.5
Service: 8

Well, of course I'm going back. Why? Because Nozy is surprise after tasty surprise!

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Monday, October 3, 2016


We all know (when I write 'all', I mean about 5% of the MTL population) that Kazu is one of, if not THE best Japanese restaurant in this city. It is so authentic, not half of the employees speak English/French or anything else than Japanese for that matter. When you want authentic J food (J food, iz a new thing), you go there. I went recently with my token A friend (Asian friend, come on, get with it), Jer, to continue my 'best ramen in Montreal' quest.

It is a hard quest, but it must be done, gosh darn it! Obviously, as of now, the big winner is Yokato. I won't hide nothin' from you guys!
It's all kinds of Asian in this tiny restaurant. Read more about it in my previous post on Kazu:
Commençons par le début, comme on dit. A little salad. Oh and by that, I really mean a little one. As in, hello there, tiny little salad, you so cute. You know, THAT. It was lettuce and potato. Yes, potato. The sesame based vinaigrette, if you can call it that, went really well and wasn't overpowering. Just roll up that potato in the lettuce and you're good to go.
Homemade tofu, served only on Sundays. Lucky us, we went on Sunday. Booya. I gotta say, and don't no Asian (lookin' at you Jer) judge me, I'm not usually a fan of super soft tofu. It usually feels a tad slimy in my mouth and I just don't like that feeling. Well, I must say that apart from the trouble I was having trying to eat it with chopsticks, it was delicious! It literally melted on my tongue. And that bit of super light soya sauce was just enough to give it some flavour. I also really dug (that's right, I'm diggin' stuff now) the seaweed on top. All in all, a winner that could have just as easily been a loser.
Le ramen. I believe they only serve ramen for lunch, which is exactly why we went at 11h45 am that day. Why so early? To be able to actually eat for lunch. If you don't get there early, you're stuck waiting and waiting some more. The broth was oh-so-tasty and just salty enough. Salty broth=no good! The noodles were quite great: they don't make them in house but one of the 男 (that's the literal translation of dudes hahaha!---I'm sure Google failed me again and it actually means penis--or somethin') told us that they have an outside supplier making them especially for them. The pork was great with all that fat. Get IN ma mouth, fat. And THAT is what I told the fat. OK, I'm officially weird(er).

Service was akin to any other Asian resto: uber quick. BAM, you're sitting, BAM, menu, BAM, water, BAM, dishes start arriving and BAM, you leave! Seriously, as soon as I put my spoon down, they took my bowl. It was quite spectacular.

And now, the scores!

Food: 8
Service: 8

Well, obviously I'm going back, no doubt about it! Jer, you in?

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