Saturday, October 29, 2016

Nantha's kitchen @ Fabergé

Fabergé is an awesome breakfast/brunch resto that just happens to have a chef serve up Malaysian food on Friday nights ( Slow Down Papa is the awesome name Nantha is giving it, and I'll take it! Nantha being the chef, of course! He's been doing this for a couple years: transform an awesome resto into an even awesomer (yes, it's a word, I totes checked) one on Friday evenings.
Fabergé has a chill vibe with chill people. It's chill. Super chill. You feel like you're in a friend's living room kind of chill. It's white, with drawings on the walls, with white seats and lots of wood. The music that's playing is, wait for it... you guessed it... chill! As soon as you enter, you get hit by an Asian wave. You know, that one! That great smelling wave. I could ride that wave all day :p

I was there to take pics of the food in the kitchen and you know, eat the good stuff. Ah, my resto blogging job really does suck. Aaaaaand scene! Of course I'm kidding! I get to be invited to try food at awesome restaurants. Ya, that's pretty much the best damn job in my book.
Pad thai. Nantha made this especially for me: a very thin omelet that was wrapped around the pad thai. Like the most tasty gift ever. He said it took some time so that's why he just can't always do it. Usually, the egg is in there but in pieces. Just as tasty but not as pretty! The omelet itself was so thin, I wondered for a moment if it was a crepe! It was a tad cold which was unfortunate but the pad thai inside was hot and perfect. The noodles were done to perfection, the spices were all there, the coriander and the thai basil were just wow. Well, I'm biased because my all time fave herb is coriander. Ah, coriander and me: a love story. The sprouts were nice and crisp and the shrimp, albeit a bit small for my taste (y'all know I like huge 16-caliber shrimp), were cooked perfectly. The lime added some freshness to it and the level of spice was right on. Seriously: I would not have wanted it spicier nor less spicy. There were also shrimp chips in there! When I was in the kitchen, the cook showed me what they looked like before he threw them in the fryer! Increeeeeedible! All in all, I could say, without reservation, that it was the best pad thai I've ever eaten.

Service was great. As the place was filling up, the only waiter was still super chill! I would have shot myself 8 times in the head by then. He brought me a bottle of water and a glass of wine. The second one, he finished the bottle in my glass. Yes. That's what I like :) He came to check up on me a couple times, which was nice!

And now, the scores!

Food: 9
Service: 9

Awesome food was had. I'm going back next week and the week after that until Nantha can't cook no more.

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