Monday, October 17, 2016


Who should be your best friend when you're hungover? Well, the fastest, most greasiest food, of course! And if you think McDonald's is your only option (it IS a good option), think again.
Greenspot must be close to 70 years old. Iz old. And it LOOKS old. And a tad dingy. They have done some small renos but the seats and tables are screaming out for more. Screaming. Out. "Heeeelp me!" Anyway, they should totes do something. The noise from dishes being cleaned and polished and put away was loud enough to a: make me wonder if there was any music playing at all and b: feed my headache.

I got in and waited at least 2 or 3 minutes before one of the 5 or 6 waitresses noticed me and sent me to a table that was only to be cleaned about 5 minutes after that. And by cleaned I mean she got to my table, took the paper placemat and gave me the 'unused' one that was in front with those utensils. Guys, it's possible I ate with used cutlery. Bah.

I finally got the menu from the unsmiling waitress. She actually looked a bit mean. Maybe it was a bad day. Oh, and the menu was right next to me. Hahaha! The whole time, I was fuming because she wasn't giving me a menu and then BAM: proof that my hungover self ain't the smartest cat in the world.
I ordered what every hungover-in-need-of-grease person would: fries and hotdogs! The fries were really awesome and big and hand cut. Ah, hand cut fries, a lost art. They were near perfect: only lacking a bit of salt. I obviously didn't eat half of them because if I had, well, I would have gained a good 12 pounds. Totes serious. I had the grilled hot dog and not the steamed one: I prefer my bread grilled. The bread was great and crunchy, the wiener (hehe, wiener!) was not the best but not the worse I've had, the sauerkraut tasted a tad old and over fermented at first but became better as I ate more of it.

Service was no good. I'm serious, eating in a diner should be akin to the Asian dining experience: quick and efficient. Instead, I got no water, no smile, and there was a possibility I was eating with dirty cutlery. Yuk.

And now, the scores!!


I tried it, I won't be going back. I'll go to McDonald's instead! 

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