Friday, March 30, 2018


One of the few Turkish restos in Montreal, Su is gaining in popularity in Verdun. And they've BEEN gaining in popularity for a while! This is why, the other day, when ma gurls Mar and Al suggested we go there, I jumped on that sh*t.
The resto itself is bigger than I thought: it looks quite small from the outside! Once you enter, the décor, I found, was somewhat weird: the bar section has these very bright neon lights (I remember calling it hypnotic blue), a part of the restaurant looks more traditional, with lovely lookin' plates on the walls, and another part, looks modern. Quweird. It looked like quite the popular place, which actually surprised me; I had never seen anyone walk in or out of it!
Can you tell I looooved the plates?
The way it works is that they bring you some bread, things to put ON bread and a little salad and you choose your main. Quite satisfying for 16,50$/person!
I had a Turkish tea (black tea) because, well, I don't think I've ever had one before! I loved how it came in a glass! It was quite the warm-me-up!
SO, on the board: honey and kaymak, olives, tomato and ricotta salad, nuts and dried fruits, nut spread, homemade jams, warm bread. The honey and kaymak was perf and hit the spot. Many spots. For some reason, this sounds sexual... I swear it's not! Kaymak is, for a lack of a better explanation, Turkish crème fraîche. Ya, I think that's it. Just the mix of honey and kaymak was damn good, but dipping the chick pea bread in it? Hello. Oh, HELLO! Soft, thick, perf. The apricot jam, although not usually on my to-eat list, was damn fresh. Do we have apricot trees in Verdun? Sure seemed like it. The ricotta was soooooo good!!!! Just salty enough and melt-in-ma-mouth yum! So simple, yet, so good! The jams, although y'all know I ain't usually a fan, were right on and, again, so fresh! I actually ate some... drum roll please... without bread! There was also the tahini and hazelnut spread. Did someone say 'hazelnut'? Yes, yes I believe someone did! Hazelnut's rich and velvety loveliness just took over my mouth! OK, I'm becoming poetic here. Aaaaaand digressing. The nuts and dried fruits: it was more like oh look, there's something else here. Everything else seemed more important.
For my main, I picked the baked eggs and sudjuk (Turkish homemade spicy lamb sausage). I loves me a good sausage. Wait... that sounds like I loooove me a good sausage! Ya, I ain't afraid to say it! But enough about the penis (let's be honest...)! The sausage was great, albeit a tad dry. Reminded me of the Hungarian sausage I buy for my friend Lena when I go see her in the states: spicy and on the dry side. The egg was good, but even if I do prefer a runny egg to a hard one, this was just too runny. Don't get me wrong, it was lovely to dip my bread in, but when it's a runny white, it's too much for this girl.

Service was awesome, throughout the meal: seated right away, great waitress, explanations, answers, asks if we are pleased, water. As you may have noticed, I just felt like putting words together in a random order. Hahahaha. Don't judge, it's 5am right now.

And now, the scores!

Food: 7.5
Service: 8.5

I might go back, you never know! Obviously, I still have 2500 brunch places to hit before I go back to the same one :)

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chez Robin

Chez Robin is a local supermarket located in Verdun, on Wellington. They sell local products, OGM free products, hormone free, bio veggies and artisanal beer. They ALSO have a nice little bistro corner. Hello, food critic.
They have a fixed menu but also some daily specials on a board. Iz very cute, with only a couple tables and a counter at the window. It's all they need, really!
I chose the veg sandwich (I'm, like, 92% vegetarian now, you know. Well, except for that cow I eat every couple weeks :p): home made végépâté, smoked bread, mustard, peppers, fennel, fermented radishes, and gusta cheese (vegan cheese!). I had this with the quinoa salad and the broccoli salad. Let's start with them sides, shall we? Well, let's face it, y'all have no sayin'. I'm the boss. YASS. Anyhoot. The quinoa salad was ubs fresh, with tomatoes, cucumbers and some citrus. It had little pieces of sweet onions in there, which, as you must know, I fell legit in love with. LE-GIT. It really tasted like they had just made it 5 minutes before, but it was 7pm. Quweird. The broccoli salad was full of grains and such, like pumpkin seeds and sunflower and nuts. I love a little crunch! There were also some re-hydrated raisins in the salad which gave it a nice sweet side. Feta cheese fit right in there, completing the salty part of it. I would totes make this at home. You know what? I will.

La sandwich: crunchy bread and melting cheese, what else does a girl need? OK, EVERYONE needs this, let's be honest. I would've liked more végépâté, but I'm a hoe for that stuff. It was sooo damn good: it tasted every little bit like the one my gurl Val used to make. I would have preferred the pepper to be grilled, but hey, you can't get everything in life. Also, the marinated eggplant was on the dry side and the crust was just a bit too hard. The radishes added a little spunk to it all and that pleased me dearly. Yes: dearly. I'm trying it, OK? Alright.

I wanted water throughout my meal and was interiorly annoyed that the guy that made me my meal never offered water, but then I noticed that there WAS water and thre WERE cups, right beside me, the whole time. #dumbass

And now, the score:

Food: 8

I'll probs end up going back because, let's face it, it's located right next to my fave place :)

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mr Puffs

After dinner at La Habanera, Gigi and I were thinking of one thing: dessert! The options were there, but Gigi was really cravin' the egg-free, lactose-free, a-lot-of-things-free Greek donut holes (aka loukoumades). And so, we headed to Mr Puffs on Mont-Royal in the Plateau!
As soon as you walk in, you smell the sugar. The sugar we were oh-so-craving (but, later, would be sick of!). The premise of this place is that you get the donut holes (that are made à la minute) and you choose a topping. We had 12 each, which, in hindsight, seems like overkill AND a bad decision. After this, I actually said this: It was a bad decision. And Gigi said THIS: It wasn't the BEST decision. Hahaha. Truth.
I had the chocolate-hazelnut covered donut holes. They weren't oily at all, but it's not like I wasn't feeling the fact that they were totes deep fried. Deeply. They were soft and lovely and all-o-that, but there was too much chocolate on top. By the by, I NEVER thought I'd be writing these words. Sacrilège! It just became too much. I had to actually force myself to finish them. OK, so, we should've had the 6 donuts+coffee (No, they don't come without the coffee. Yes, I could've ordered those and just said no to the coffee). But what's done was done. It was way too much/heavy for me.

And now, the score!

Food: 7. Could've been higher... but then, there's the food death that came afterwards.

I shant go back, I don't think. Unless I get ubs stoned at some point and make the trek to Mont-Royal and Papineau. Scratch that, I'll never go back. I said GOOD DAY!  

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Dobe & Andy

Val and I were running the 5km Montréal Souterrain, so I had obviously planned a little after-run lunch in Chinatown. Nothing has ever been this obvious. In life. This Cantonese restaurant is located on St-Urbain in the same building as Kim Fung (dim sum), on the ground floor.
It looks like ass from the outside and ass when you're inside too. But hey, I've learnt that the goodness of the food in Asian restaurants has nothing to do with the cleanliness. I'd even go as far as saying it's an inversed correlation. Nevertheless, this place was buuuusy! One of the gems of Chinatown.
I had the BBQ duck soup. Everything in that pleases me: BBQ, duck AND soup on a cold day? Yaaassss! My Jer Bear AKA friend from the Asian persuasion, would've been ubs proud of me: I ate the duck meat, the duck fat AND I ate around the bone (there is no effin English word for 'gruger'). There's sooo much flavor in the fat. That's probs why the stock was so good! It was legit wow. The green onions almost made a paste, which was totes up my alley. I had the choice between egg noodles and vermicelli-style noodles. I had the latter one because I thought the egg noodles would be a bit too heavy. They were perfectly cooked. Just perf. Slurp slurp! Going back to the duck, it was delish! It had absorbed all the flavours and oh how lovely that was! I added a bit of sriracha and dang girl!
Service was ok. Quick, as per use. We got tea to start off and they then brought us some water. The waiter didn't really speak any English (nor French), which was fine... but then again, he couldn't really answer our questions. I asked for their specialty (they have like 100 items on their menu!), and he wasn't really able to tell me. They didn't ask if we liked it but I ain't surprised. Asian restos are in a whole other category. I can just imagine Jer bear saying: 'I TOLD you it works like that!'.

And now, the scores!

Food: 8
Service: 6

Althought Montréal's Chinatown is tiny (I dream of a Toronto-sized Chinatown ALL the time), there are many restaurants to go to. Imma try another one next time :)

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