Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Trou de Beigne

After eating spicy stuff at Pum Pui, Jer bear and I were lookin' for a little somethin somethin sweet. You know, a little somethin somethin. Jer had a marvelous idea: "oh, there's a tiny donut shop right there'. Ya, ya, I'm ok with that. And THAT's how it went down!
These donuts are hand-rolled, fried and glazed every morning. Actually, they have two sizes which is just gosh darn awesome. For full on fluffy experience, they suggest, nay, TELL you, that you must eat them the day of. Makes sense: no one likes a stale donut. The place itself is tiny, with only a couple tables and le counter to order. They only have a handful of varieties, but even then, they go like cray cray. We were there for a big ol' 10 minutes and I saw at least 3 peeps coming in for big orders. I was like dang this bound to be good!
Jer had the bacon+maple donut and I had the green tea one. You know, might as well make it a "healthy" donut. HAHAHA! Ps: there is no such thing. The bacon 'nut (yep, it's happening) was ubs sweet (like, more than a usual donut) and I just thought that if you're gonna put bacon on something, make it worth it, no? The answer is ALWAYS yes. Like, put some IN it... make it proud of being a bacon donut. I gotta say that the bacon that was actually on le donut was quite lovely indeed: it gave just the right amount of salty and crunchy.
The matcha donut I had was too sweet for a matcha donut. Didn't feel it, you know? It was so cute though: I had the small version and it was green with some crispy rice on top which made for a nice little crunch. It was also overly sweet which kind of turned me off.
And now, le score!
Imma give a 6. Obviously, there are some other flavours I'd like to try like the S'more and the Chocolate-raspberry. So yes, I might go back if I'm in the hood.

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Friday, April 13, 2018

Cartagena Ceviche contest!! (Triple C)

Recently, ma girl Em and I went to Colombia. You know, cause it was getting too cold here. You KNOW. We immediately fell in love with ceviche. I mean, I've had ceviche before, yes. I've had some pretty decent cevich (not a mistake, say it with style), yes. But Cartagena had some didely damn awesome ceviche. To be clear, we ate ceviche more than once a day. #obsession
Welcome to the CARTAGENA CEVICHE CONTEST!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! We rated 6 restaurants that served ceviche. Some damn good, some aight, some... just plain bad (sacrilege!!)
1. El Kilo: this restaurant was located right next to our hostel. As in, from some of the windows, you could see IN our hostel. Yep, that close. We were quite excited to try this because we had heard great things from a couple people that worked where we were staying. Basically, you choose what kind of ceviche and then you choose if you want either fish, shrimp, octopus or a mix. I obviously went for the catch of the day. Obvi. Duh. I had the bacon and sour cream ceviche. Yep, I went there. I ordered it, but I was scared of what I was going to get. Well, turns out it was DAMN GOOD! Wow! It wasn't too lime-y, and although the fish was cut in slightly bigger pieces than usual, it was actually OK. Pieces of fried plantain could be found within the fish and that was such a nice surprise every time! It added just a bit of sweetness in every bite! The bacon and the sour cream, although I would've never EVA dreamt of eating ceviche with those ingredients, was supes good. Supes! Just a bit of saltiness married very well with the sourness of the lime and the sweetness of the plantain.

Em had the reg cevich (why write the whole word when you can just write some of it, am I right?) and it was delish. You know: lime-y, but not too much, and ubs fresh. I know she somewhat regretted going with the reg cevich, especially after tasting mine!

Le score for food: 8.5

Totes worth walking 3 meters for :p 
2. El Boliche: A lot of people had suggested we go to El Boliche, so, that evening, after going to El Kilo, we headed there. We called it Ceviche Crawl. Hey, it's totes legit! El Boliche was on a side street, so if we had not had the address, I do NOT think we would've found it. It was tiny AND full when we got there in prime dinner time, so we were seated at this huge communal table. All the dishes around us looked so good! We had the 'corn textures': shellfish, white fish, foam corn breadsticks. I think it's safe to say that Em and I thought we were going to be served somethin' else. 100%. Nay. 150%. First off, popcorn? Really? Come oooon!!!! THAT was a big surprise. Under that, there was a huge mother f*ckin' layer of foam. Ugh... so unpleasant! The thickness of it was too much. The little seafood was hiding under all that crap, and most of it felt squishy. Bah. Such a miss! This was another case of Marie-picking-the-wrong-thang-on-le-menu.

Le score: 4

3. Tecado: Tecado was our first ceviche exp (get with the program people!), and it remained the one we went for the most. I think we went a good 5 times in 7 days. It cost 15000 COP (or 7,50 $ CAD) for an appetizer size ceviche. Totes worth it! Oh, and it was about a 2 minute walk from our hostel. The pieces of fish were just the right size: not too big, not too small, just bite size! It was simple ceviche, which, let's face it, is often best: coriander, lime, onions, fish. BAM. With just a tiny bit of spice, this ceviche wasn't drowning in lime juice like most were. There were deep fried plantain in the dish that were just damn awesome. It actually MADE the dish. It soaked up all that lime-y goodness and maybe, just maybe, you could put a piece of fish on it with, perhaps, a little sliver of onion. And just eat it like a sandwich. Just. Like. A. Sandwich.

Le score for food: 9.5

Obvi, we went back many times!
4. Cebiches y seviches: We were told that if we wanted to try another ceviche spot, we should try this place. It was located right at the entrance of El Centro, in plaza de los Coches, which was a nice meeting spot. Also, you could see it from everywhere, so if you'd get lost, you'd just look for the tall-ass clock tower. We also ordered limonada de coco, which, by the by, was such a nice discovery! I personally think (and I'm sure Em would agree) that if I'd do a ceviches y limonada de coco evening, it would be a HUGE success. They served us the ceviche in a to-go container exactly like the one at el Gramo, which was kind of meh. They knew we were about to eat IN the resto. Just take a plate out, dude. Take a damn plate out. But enough about their manners! The ceviche itself was very fresh, and the pieces of fish were perf. It had some crunchy corn on top which was wonderful: it's nice to have more than one texture in a dish. The avocado was just the right amount of ripe. It was actually a fish AND shrimp ceviche (I think all ceviche should be fish... I mean, come ON), so I took em' on the side. They were... OK. I mean, y'all know I'm totes in lurve with them shrimp, but I would've figured that shrimp ceviche was going to be this: cut up shrimp with some coriander perhaps, and some lime juice. But these were just shrimp in a tad bit of lime.

Le food score: 7.5
5. Agave: Em and I wanted to have a nice fancy dinner, so we went to this restaurant a couple doors down from our hostel. It looked fancy, the menu looked good, and so we went. And what a bad mistake it was (can you guess who DIDN'T win the contest?). As soon as the ceviche hit the table, we smelled it. We smelled the fish. That is NOT what you want. It didn't seem inedible, so we ate it anyway, risking our LIVES. In hindsight, we should've gotten the heck out of there. I loved the fact that there were peppers in there tho, and also that it wasn't overly acidy. The pieces were uneven and some had some fat on them: it just wasn't pretty to look at. And obviously, the fact that it was quite expensive, and that the wine was expensive, and that the bread was stale, and that my main was too oily... just made for a bad experience all together. We should have  known it was going to suck; there was no one in there. ARGH. This was a major fail on the resto's part, but also on ours.

Le food score: 4.5
We SO didn't want to go back that I think we purposely walked on the other side of the street every time we passed by it.
6. El Gramo: My friend Chris had been to Cartagena 2 weeks before me (believe it or not, we were 5 out of 8 people near my cubicle at work that decided on Cartagena), and he had strongly recommended this place for ceviche. We HAD to go! What's fun with El Gramo is that you can pick what you put in your cevich! Obvi, for me, it was fish, and I added some avocado, because who would be cray enough not to add avo?! There were some onions in there, corn, kennels, and coriander. I must admit, the onions could have been chopped finer... it was like eating an onion salad with some pieces of fish in there. OK, I exaggerate. The whole thing was ubs fresh and the corn added some needed sweetness. At first, it was perf, although they COULD have mixed the whole thang instead of just adding layers. In the end there was a sh*t load of lime juice left at the bottom and that became quite acidy very quickly.

Food: 7.5

As you MAY have noticed, le grand winner is Tecado. We just LOVED that place and it was SO close to our hostel! Cartagena was an awesome spot to eat so many types of ceviches! Our fave remained the classic fish-onion-coriander-lime cevich. Hey, sometimes, the simpler... the better... the BEST!

Friday, April 6, 2018


Cuban food. Been to Cuba, done Cuba. About 6 times. Well, I had to try the REAL thang. Cause, let's face it, when you go to an all-inclusive in Cubes, it ain't Cuban food. So I thought of La Habanera. And my girl Gigi was in! After all, I've never been to Havana ooh na na. Argh, I have that song in my head every damn second of every damn day. At least, this time, it was legit.
I absolutely LOVED the place and the vibe! You DO feel like you're in Cuba when you're in there! Super colourful, flamingo in  neon lights, palm trees, flowers in the windows, islandy festive music.
I just loved this wall!!! It totally brought me back to Cuba! Cuba Si! :)
We started off with a mojito. Duh. That's all I need to bring me back to the country where I saw my first good lookin' topless woman on la beach. And I'm totes serious when I say that it was every bit like the mojitos I use to order in the Cubes (not to confuse with pubes, hahaha). It had more lime than the usual mojito and that's what made it better, I my opinion.
We were sharing food, which is ALWAYS the way to go. Listen to me: always. It should read: 'Be smart, listen to Marie'. Yes? Yaaassss! We got the salad first. The Aguacate: avocado, nougat, red papaya, oseille leaves, cucumber and mojito dressing. Did anyone say 'mojito'? Mojito in EVERYTHING! This was a hit and a half. And no, I don't know how I got the half. First of all, oseille leaves are SO IN right now! They are so damn cute and they add just a bit of acid. The avocado was perfection. You know, when Chandler is trapped in an ATM vestibule with supermodel Jill Goodacre, and he says that gum would be perfection? Ya, THAT kind. And no, I won't stop with the Friends trivia. The cucumbers were just the crunchy greatness that they should be, and the papaya was just sweet enough.

El Cubano (forgot to take a pic :/ ). Oh YASS. Pork, ham, smoked mustard, Swiss and provolone cheese, and pickles. Get. IN. MA. BEEEELLY!!!! Yum: grilled sandwich, supes cheesy, and ubs moist. The mustard added an extra layer of flaves and that was dang on. Yes... dang.
Tostones rellenos de camarones. Basically, this was a plantain 'cup' filled with rum, coconut, garlic, and dulce de leche shrimp. Sounds good, right? Ya, we both thought so. Guys, you KNOW how much I loves me some camarones! A good shrimp can go a long way. Nothin' bad to say about them. The plantain, on the other hand, was dry as all hell. Yes, apparently hell is dry. I guess because of all the heat and fire? The coconut was nice though, but let's face it, coconut is ALWAYS nice.
Tacos de pescado OR fish tacos! I love me a good taco! Mmmmmm... tacos! The tortilla was yummers (it's a thing), but the corn was too hard (what IS this, popcorn seeds?). The fish was moist (ugh-effin word) but lacked in flava. Basically, the whole thing was a bit meh.

We got our drinks very quickly, but then it took our waiter a while to take our order for the food. And we were HUNGRY. I'd wanna say 'never go to a restaurant if you're really hungry' but that just doesn't make sense!

And now, les scores!

Food: 7
Service: 8

Although I'd gladly go back for one of dem mojitos, I'll probs just end up finding 8000 other restos to eat at before I do. 
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Friday, March 30, 2018


One of the few Turkish restos in Montreal, Su is gaining in popularity in Verdun. And they've BEEN gaining in popularity for a while! This is why, the other day, when ma gurls Mar and Al suggested we go there, I jumped on that sh*t.
The resto itself is bigger than I thought: it looks quite small from the outside! Once you enter, the décor, I found, was somewhat weird: the bar section has these very bright neon lights (I remember calling it hypnotic blue), a part of the restaurant looks more traditional, with lovely lookin' plates on the walls, and another part, looks modern. Quweird. It looked like quite the popular place, which actually surprised me; I had never seen anyone walk in or out of it!
Can you tell I looooved the plates?
The way it works is that they bring you some bread, things to put ON bread and a little salad and you choose your main. Quite satisfying for 16,50$/person!
I had a Turkish tea (black tea) because, well, I don't think I've ever had one before! I loved how it came in a glass! It was quite the warm-me-up!
SO, on the board: honey and kaymak, olives, tomato and ricotta salad, nuts and dried fruits, nut spread, homemade jams, warm bread. The honey and kaymak was perf and hit the spot. Many spots. For some reason, this sounds sexual... I swear it's not! Kaymak is, for a lack of a better explanation, Turkish crème fraîche. Ya, I think that's it. Just the mix of honey and kaymak was damn good, but dipping the chick pea bread in it? Hello. Oh, HELLO! Soft, thick, perf. The apricot jam, although not usually on my to-eat list, was damn fresh. Do we have apricot trees in Verdun? Sure seemed like it. The ricotta was soooooo good!!!! Just salty enough and melt-in-ma-mouth yum! So simple, yet, so good! The jams, although y'all know I ain't usually a fan, were right on and, again, so fresh! I actually ate some... drum roll please... without bread! There was also the tahini and hazelnut spread. Did someone say 'hazelnut'? Yes, yes I believe someone did! Hazelnut's rich and velvety loveliness just took over my mouth! OK, I'm becoming poetic here. Aaaaaand digressing. The nuts and dried fruits: it was more like oh look, there's something else here. Everything else seemed more important.
For my main, I picked the baked eggs and sudjuk (Turkish homemade spicy lamb sausage). I loves me a good sausage. Wait... that sounds like I loooove me a good sausage! Ya, I ain't afraid to say it! But enough about the penis (let's be honest...)! The sausage was great, albeit a tad dry. Reminded me of the Hungarian sausage I buy for my friend Lena when I go see her in the states: spicy and on the dry side. The egg was good, but even if I do prefer a runny egg to a hard one, this was just too runny. Don't get me wrong, it was lovely to dip my bread in, but when it's a runny white, it's too much for this girl.

Service was awesome, throughout the meal: seated right away, great waitress, explanations, answers, asks if we are pleased, water. As you may have noticed, I just felt like putting words together in a random order. Hahahaha. Don't judge, it's 5am right now.

And now, the scores!

Food: 7.5
Service: 8.5

I might go back, you never know! Obviously, I still have 2500 brunch places to hit before I go back to the same one :)

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chez Robin

Chez Robin is a local supermarket located in Verdun, on Wellington. They sell local products, OGM free products, hormone free, bio veggies and artisanal beer. They ALSO have a nice little bistro corner. Hello, food critic.
They have a fixed menu but also some daily specials on a board. Iz very cute, with only a couple tables and a counter at the window. It's all they need, really!
I chose the veg sandwich (I'm, like, 92% vegetarian now, you know. Well, except for that cow I eat every couple weeks :p): home made végépâté, smoked bread, mustard, peppers, fennel, fermented radishes, and gusta cheese (vegan cheese!). I had this with the quinoa salad and the broccoli salad. Let's start with them sides, shall we? Well, let's face it, y'all have no sayin'. I'm the boss. YASS. Anyhoot. The quinoa salad was ubs fresh, with tomatoes, cucumbers and some citrus. It had little pieces of sweet onions in there, which, as you must know, I fell legit in love with. LE-GIT. It really tasted like they had just made it 5 minutes before, but it was 7pm. Quweird. The broccoli salad was full of grains and such, like pumpkin seeds and sunflower and nuts. I love a little crunch! There were also some re-hydrated raisins in the salad which gave it a nice sweet side. Feta cheese fit right in there, completing the salty part of it. I would totes make this at home. You know what? I will.

La sandwich: crunchy bread and melting cheese, what else does a girl need? OK, EVERYONE needs this, let's be honest. I would've liked more végépâté, but I'm a hoe for that stuff. It was sooo damn good: it tasted every little bit like the one my gurl Val used to make. I would have preferred the pepper to be grilled, but hey, you can't get everything in life. Also, the marinated eggplant was on the dry side and the crust was just a bit too hard. The radishes added a little spunk to it all and that pleased me dearly. Yes: dearly. I'm trying it, OK? Alright.

I wanted water throughout my meal and was interiorly annoyed that the guy that made me my meal never offered water, but then I noticed that there WAS water and thre WERE cups, right beside me, the whole time. #dumbass

And now, the score:

Food: 8

I'll probs end up going back because, let's face it, it's located right next to my fave place :)

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Mr Puffs

After dinner at La Habanera, Gigi and I were thinking of one thing: dessert! The options were there, but Gigi was really cravin' the egg-free, lactose-free, a-lot-of-things-free Greek donut holes (aka loukoumades). And so, we headed to Mr Puffs on Mont-Royal in the Plateau!
As soon as you walk in, you smell the sugar. The sugar we were oh-so-craving (but, later, would be sick of!). The premise of this place is that you get the donut holes (that are made à la minute) and you choose a topping. We had 12 each, which, in hindsight, seems like overkill AND a bad decision. After this, I actually said this: It was a bad decision. And Gigi said THIS: It wasn't the BEST decision. Hahaha. Truth.
I had the chocolate-hazelnut covered donut holes. They weren't oily at all, but it's not like I wasn't feeling the fact that they were totes deep fried. Deeply. They were soft and lovely and all-o-that, but there was too much chocolate on top. By the by, I NEVER thought I'd be writing these words. Sacrilège! It just became too much. I had to actually force myself to finish them. OK, so, we should've had the 6 donuts+coffee (No, they don't come without the coffee. Yes, I could've ordered those and just said no to the coffee). But what's done was done. It was way too much/heavy for me.

And now, the score!

Food: 7. Could've been higher... but then, there's the food death that came afterwards.

I shant go back, I don't think. Unless I get ubs stoned at some point and make the trek to Mont-Royal and Papineau. Scratch that, I'll never go back. I said GOOD DAY!  

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Monday, March 5, 2018

Dobe & Andy

Val and I were running the 5km Montréal Souterrain, so I had obviously planned a little after-run lunch in Chinatown. Nothing has ever been this obvious. In life. This Cantonese restaurant is located on St-Urbain in the same building as Kim Fung (dim sum), on the ground floor.
It looks like ass from the outside and ass when you're inside too. But hey, I've learnt that the goodness of the food in Asian restaurants has nothing to do with the cleanliness. I'd even go as far as saying it's an inversed correlation. Nevertheless, this place was buuuusy! One of the gems of Chinatown.
I had the BBQ duck soup. Everything in that pleases me: BBQ, duck AND soup on a cold day? Yaaassss! My Jer Bear AKA friend from the Asian persuasion, would've been ubs proud of me: I ate the duck meat, the duck fat AND I ate around the bone (there is no effin English word for 'gruger'). There's sooo much flavor in the fat. That's probs why the stock was so good! It was legit wow. The green onions almost made a paste, which was totes up my alley. I had the choice between egg noodles and vermicelli-style noodles. I had the latter one because I thought the egg noodles would be a bit too heavy. They were perfectly cooked. Just perf. Slurp slurp! Going back to the duck, it was delish! It had absorbed all the flavours and oh how lovely that was! I added a bit of sriracha and dang girl!
Service was ok. Quick, as per use. We got tea to start off and they then brought us some water. The waiter didn't really speak any English (nor French), which was fine... but then again, he couldn't really answer our questions. I asked for their specialty (they have like 100 items on their menu!), and he wasn't really able to tell me. They didn't ask if we liked it but I ain't surprised. Asian restos are in a whole other category. I can just imagine Jer bear saying: 'I TOLD you it works like that!'.

And now, the scores!

Food: 8
Service: 6

Althought Montréal's Chinatown is tiny (I dream of a Toronto-sized Chinatown ALL the time), there are many restaurants to go to. Imma try another one next time :)

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Pandan Crèmerie

Crèmerie Pandan has been on my list for a very short time. My friend Nantha, who is this uber popular Pop-Up chef in Montreal (and across the world for that matter) wrote something about his daughter opening up a crèmerie on Notre-Dame. Not any kind of crèmerie... one that makes thai rolled ice cream. Excuuuuuse me! I totes had to hit that.
Crèmerie Pandan is the little baby on Notre-Dame West, just in front of Rasoi, close to Nozy. VERY well located, normally. I say 'normally' because right now, there's so much DAMN construction on Notre-Dame, that no one has access to it. That's not true...but you have to be very motivated. Cars mostly cannot drive on that street and there's dust galore for the pedestrians and cyclists. All in all, a really freaking fun situation.
The place itself is tiny. Tiny, tiny, tiny! And so cute! Cute, cute, cute! It's all white with hints of light green and little plants. Very pure and simple: no fuss, no muss. I understand that it's too tiny to have chairs or stools in the actual crèmerie, but I would have loved to have at least a couple benches outside. I was stuck eating on the curb at the corner of Notre-Dame and rue Doré, lookin' somewhat like a homeless person. But enough about me being homeless, let's talk about ice cream. They use the freshest ingredients and buy their cream from Laiterie Chagnon, located in Waterloo, Québec. On top of it, all flavours and toppings are made in-house with fresh, local, and natural ingredients. Well, except the Asian ingredients. Duh. We love dem Asian ingredients.
Mango rolled ice cream with coconut on top. I asked the girlie working there what she suggested and without even thinking about it, she almost screamed 'mango'. Well, mango it was going to be! Just looking at her make the rolls of ice cream was fascinating. I was in a trance, fo sho! They pour the mixture of mango and a mix of 40% cream and 3.8% milk on a very VERY cold plate where they do a mix of spreading and chopping, and spreading and chopping. I was mesmerized. Mesmerized, I say!
How effin beautiful is this? On a scale of 1 to 10, the answer would be 8000. No doubt. Wow!!! I went outside and as I was sitting down, I took my first bite and...almost fell. O-M-G! I can tell you that I've NEVER had this good of an ice cream in ma mouth. I'm not even kidding! And I've had awesome ice cream over the years! And with that lovely coconut on top? Holy hell!!! It was like seeing God. I know what you're thinking: I'm exaggerating. Well, YOU try it and try NOT seeing the big man. It was like a splash of mango in my mouth! And we all know how well coconut goes with this awesome fruit. It had such a nice, smooth texture too. When I finished, I wondered, for literally a good 2 minutes, if I should just get more. I voted against it, because, well, let's face it, it won't make me any thinner.

I've looked online to see what peeps think about this heavenly place and I was flabbergasted ( yes, that much) by the bad press on this. Mainly, it was people bad mouthing the place because it took so long to get their ice cream.  People, this is not a normal scoop-and-go kind of establishment. It takes a moment for them to give you your dessert. There's a process. Don't think it'll take 30 seconds. It's written on a board right in front of you: it will take 3 to 5 minutes. It's worth it. Oh so worth it.

And now, the scores!

Food: 10.1 miiiiiiillion
Service: 9

Hell ya, I'll go back: I must bring all my friends!


When a restaurant has a lunch special, you go. When a fancy restaurant has a lunch special, y'all have no choice, you freaking go! Actually, Jer bear, Lea and I were totes excited to eat at this Korean resto not far from Milos, but it was closed! Grrr. I hate it when that happens. We started walking towards St-Viateur and noticed Milos. Jer said 'hey, they have a lunch special. And so, Greek food it was!
The place itself is a bit, what's the word I'm looking for, fancy. Yep, it's totes fancy. Someone takes your jacket at the door, waiters wear long white aprons, the lunch table d'hôte is, yikes, 25$. Plus tip, plus taxes. OK, I guess I should've known; it's Milos after all! The place itself seems very grandiose once you get in. I felt a bit out of place (read: a lot). We were all wearing sweatshirts and I was thanking my lucky stars (yes, sometimes I do that) that I had decided against wearing my jogging pants!
They brought us some warm bread to start off with some very good olive oil. I loves dippin' my bread in olive oil.
My entrée was the salmon tartar. So good. So fresh! Perfect cut. Hallelujah! I've had a couple tartars that were cut way too big recently and it is just NOT the same. There was a tiny bit of spice in there; just enough to give it a nice kick. LOVED it. I love me some good kicks, you know? The sesame flat bread was an excellent vessel for the tartar eating. Mmmmmm. I might even go as far as saying that this one might just be one of the best I've had. Eva. Ya. I'm dsoin it.
The main. Now, this was my bad. MA. BAD. My friends laughed at my choice and I think they will, until I dsie. Who eats chicken in a restaurant? Well, in my defense, I hadn't eaten chicken in a whiiiile and I felt like eating just that! In hindsight, I should've chosen either the freaking lamb or the fish, but nooooo, I chose the damn chicken. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad, but it was still chicken. It was really moist and well charred. The grilled tomato, although a good idea (ish), was meh and left me really wondering why it was on my plate. The fries were a big disappointment: too soft and, well, old. The pita was good and fluffy, although it was a bit too charred. Basically, Jer bear compared this to when I ordered chicken pho: just not the good choice.
The dessert: baklava ice cream. This was very good. Little chuncks of baklava in there with a slight hint of cherry. Yum!
Service was right on the whole time. It was actually wow. Water: refilled. Crumbs on table: cleaned up with a ramasse-miettes (a little piece of metal that high end restaurants use to clean the crumbs off of the tables). Dishes: always in a timely manner. I actually wrote in my notes that the service was 'quick-ass'. Yep, that quick.
And now, the scores!
Service: 9
Food: 7 damn you chicken!
I think I'll go back, perhaps for dinner. Try a whole other level of fanciness :)  

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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pandan Snack Bar

I had tried Crèmerie Pandan this summer and fell in love with their Thai rolled ice cream. Like, legit fell in love. Like, I looked at it longingly while I ate it at an incredible speed. But enough about my love story with ice cream. Madhuri, the owner AND daughter of one of my friends, Nantha (who does wonderful cooking things in Montreal) invited me to try her new menu that comprises of Malaysian treats. Malaysian you say? Treats you say? Oh, I am IN!
She added a little counter in the tiny TINY restaurant, which makes for a way better eating spot than the curb, haha! Last summer, I had gone to try that loverly ice cream and they didn't have a counter nor a bench outside so I sat on a curb, looking homeless. Ah, the good ol' days! Now, it's pimped with a nice counter with seats that are not high enough for me, hahaha. Damn it! I hate being short in these situations!! I ate half on, half off. At least I was able to put my food on an actual surface.
She put up a very small menu on a big board. Hey, I prefer smaller menus any day of the week! Those menus with 86 choices are the bane of my existence!
I had the all-dressed Popiah wrap. Basically, it is THIS: pandan (plant used to heighten flavours in many dishes) infused wrap, lettuce, house sauce, house sambal, braised jimaca+carrot, blanched green beans, bean sprouts, fried shallots, toasted peanut dust and omelette strips. Since I had the all-dressed one, I also had some grilled prawns, Chinese sausage and crispy fried tofu. I think that's it, hahaha! It was full, but well wrapped. It was also accompanied by marinated veggies: cucumber, cabbage and garlic shoots! I loves me a good garlic shoot! These were quite intense tho. Whoa!!! Madhuri said that next time she'll most likely cook them before to take a bit of that, what's the word?, garlic-ness out. The wrap was not heavy, as a lot can be with all that bread. The good thing about THIS wrap was that it was ubs thin and ubs UN-heavy. Or light as one would say. It's actually called a skin. THAT's how thin it is! It's made out of wheat flour and made into somewhat of a crepe, if you will. You can read all about it HERE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Popiah When everything is homemade, it makes a hell of a difference. A HELL of a difference! On top of it, she was using recipes from her mom AND grand-mother. It felt so personal, which was lovely! As soon as I had my first bite, I was hooked. Like, you know, on a drug. A drug called Popiah! That was a bad joke and I am very, VERY sorry. An explosion of flavours hit my taste buds. The ONLY not 100% good thing (does that even make sense?) was the sausage. I found it a tad on the hard side. But that'll be all!
The Pok Pok! OR pandan ice cream, milk bread bun, peanuts and condensed milk. That little homemade (yes, I told you that EVERYTHING was homemade) bread was great! Albeit a tiny bit on the hard side, it was a great alternative to the usual cookie. The ice cream was ubs fresh and supes tasty! The peanuts added a nice little crunch that countered the ice cream and, hello, condensed milk. I was pretty much drooling as she was pouring it all over the dessert. Rrrrrrraaaaa. This was quite the winner.

Service was great. Duh. It was one-on-one as no one else was in there. We talked about how she came to open the resto, about her recipes and about her family. Water was in a pitcher on the counter, so that was perf. She made the food in front of me whilst telling me what she was doing, so that was amazeballs.

And now, the scores!!!

Food: 9
Service: 10

Can't wait to go back! Either for a great wrap OR for that out-of-this-world rolled ice cream!

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