Monday, December 30, 2013

Wok Café

I had to eat out since, well... I'm working at the new Juliette et Chocolat on Ste-Cat near a bunch of asian restos (it's second China town!) !!! OH YES!!! ----WARNING: flash review!!

I wanted to eat OK to good chinese (ish, of course) food so I left my restaurant (who can eat crepes every day?) and went back to a favorite from my old job in the same area and hit Wok Café.

General Tao chicken
-Nice texture
-Veggies are good, not too strong tasting and well cooked
-Rice very blend
-Very tasty sauce
-Spring roll that came with it was blend but crispy

And now, the score!


An obvious choice if you work in the Faubourg Ste-Catherine, where there is NO good food except maybe for Bangkok but who can eat pad thai every day!!!

ps: A friend almost scolded me for going to Wok Café. Arguably not the best around but it still comforted my little stomach that evening. And had the left overs for lunch the next day!

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