Friday, January 3, 2014

Régal matinal

Thank you Isa for this post about a great way to get your yummy breakfast in the morning or pastries all day long!

I was looking for a new brunch place after learning that the place I wanted to go to was closed (ah! Vive the holidays schedules!). Browsing on another blog (Une Parisienne à Montréal), I stumbled upon Régal Matinal. Their concept is pretty simple but oh so marvelous! You order your bread/pastries/jam the day before (midnight is their deadline) and they’ll deliver directly to your home or business the next morning in a time frame that you get to choose!! Say what? I know! I was in heaven!

I went on their website, placed my order, paid (you can pay cash at the door or via paypal) and waited… until 9:35am the next morning…when the bell rang (and woke me up! You don’t even have to set an alarm, they will also provide that service ;). And there he was, the petit boulanger delivering my order with a smile in full pastry chef uniform! Wow! So far, still impressed!

I opened the box and it smelled soooo good! The pastries were warm, not as warm as I would have liked but it was -30 outside so… This is what I got:

-mini croissant: buttery, not the best I ate but definitely a good croissant
-mini danoise framboise: good, very framboisé
-mini danoise érable pacane: miam! I’d put more than a half-pacane on it but the maple taste was delicious!
-mini chausson aux pommes : hot inside! Tastes like real apples. Suggestion: put apple pieces inside.
-mini brioche cannelle-raisins: good but lacks a little in cinnamon
-mini chocolatine : so chocolatey! I hate it when there’s chocolate just in the middle. It wasn’t the case here, I got chocolate in every single bite.
-feuilleté poireau-parmesan and feuilleté épinards-feta: both really good and loved both combinations, they’re classics!

I have to add, that the pastry dough itself was perfect. In my mind it needs to be flaky; when you eat it, you need to have crumbs all over you and this is just what happened! I took the mini pastries as I wanted to sample as many of their choices as possible but they also offer full versions. It costs me less than 16$ for everything and delivery is free (my only regret is that I forgot to tip the delivery man : ( I was still sleepy… but I’ll order again and you’ll get double the tip petit boulanger!!) You also have to place an order of a minimum of 5$. And here’s the catch… you have to be a resident of Outremont (or very nearby). 

The score for the pastries: 8

All in all it was a great experience, let’s just hope they will expand their territory in the future!

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