Sunday, January 5, 2014

Café Aléatoire

Coupon time! Bought this one for 15$ and it gave me a 30$ credit at this restaurant on Notre-Dame. The place is very cute and quaint, with a little reading corner when you enter. You also see the tiny kitchen in the corner with the bar.

Reading corner

Anyhoot, we got there with a reservation (you need to reserve when you have coupons), but the place was empty except for 2 people. We got a warm welcome by the waitress and sat at our table. Looked at the menu and I was dissapointed to see that the mimosas were not included in the brunch when just yesterday, I saw on their website that they were. Grrrr. I had one anyway.

It wasn't the best mimosa I've had but it wasn't bad either. Just the right amount of bubbles. Mmmm... starts the day off right :)

The waitress came by to explain the menu to us and we decided on two choices: Le Griffon and L'Aphrodite.

Le Griffon

This was my breakfast. It sounded so darn good: pain doré sandwich with cheddar and bacon de dos (thick ham). Unfortunately, it really didn't taste like much unless you put some maple syrup on there. Oh but it looked soooo good :/ It was moist and the ham was great but again, it lacked in flavour. The potatoes were hit and miss: some were good, some were pasty and dry.

Lea had the Aphrodite: crêpe burritto, scrambled eggs, sautéed peppers & onions, marbled cheddar, tomato amd pepper coulis. Again, it lacked in flavour. It LOOKED great and sounded great but man. The vegetables inside were savoury but the rest didn't taste like much. We just wished we had more of that coulis to actually put taste in the dish. Funnily enough, the most savoury part of our dishes were the onion sprouts on the side.

The service was OK. I mean, we got a nice welcome and we got coffee, water and mimosa pretty quickly. The waitress came by to see how we liked it and we lied saying mmmmm (I can't bring myself to tell waiters/waitresses when I don't like it---I save it for the blog). But then we didn't get any water refills and seriously, she would've had the time... because we were now the only customers in the place.

And now, the scores!

Food: a generous 6
Service: 7.5

All in all, I always like trying new restaurants and I'd rather that than go to the same spot all the time. And I won't go back there.

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