Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I had heard about this restaurant in Chinatown a while back and really wanted to try it. Actually I'd heard great things about their salt and pepper pork so obviously I was going there for that. 

If I hadn't known the address, I would not have found it: it's on the second floor of a now defunct grocery store (used to be my fave grocery store and now iz dead :( ). 

This place looks like nothin'. NOTHIN'! When I got there, there were three men practically sleeping, waiting for someone to come in. Plus, there's wall to wall dirty carpeting and what could possibly be a nice view of Chinatown is blocked by posters, air conditionner and many dusty plants.

I was told to choose my table and my rude looking waiter came to give me the menu, some tea and some water. I knew what I wanted to have so I ordered right away. Let me just tell you that for 5,95$, you get soup AND a huge plate. And by huge, I mean HUGE! 

My meal started off with some spicy soup. It was alright but as it usually is, it was a bit too... slimy for my taste. I did like the addition of the green onions. They added a nice freshness and needed crunch.

Look at that huge mother freaking plate!!! Fried pork (and I'll try anything fried... except for KFC), veggies, springroll and a ton of rice! I still cannot believe the price! The pork was tender and juicy, the onions and the peppers were a tad spicy which was very much welcomed and the eggroll was nice and simple. The sauce they gave to dip it in was a tad lemony so I put some on the rice too to give it more flavor. Only thing was that most pieces of pork were half we all know... there's a shiz load of fat in pork. 

The service was not as good as the food: it was 'family dinner' time so they were all busy eating. I almost had to yell to get more water. I felt bad so I was about to get up and pour myself a glass when my waiter actually turned around and brought me the whole pitcher.

And now, the scores!

Food: 7.5
Service: 5

I was not disapointed but better service would have been swell!

ps: they gave me 2 fortune cookies at the end... quite happy :)

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