Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The first letters of the Korean alphabet! That's kinda cool :) Anyhoot, I'd been meaning to go there for at least one year. Yes, one year!!! So, I invited Lea and we went there today!

I loves me good Korean food! Love, love , love! And so I was looking forward to this experience! We got there early because I knew it was going to get full, and fast. It's a tiny place of around 40 seats and cute little drawings on the walls. It's rather popular so 5PM was a good time! It actually got full by around 5h30PM.

As soon as we got in, we sat and got a pitcher of water right away. There was a tv playing Korean music videos in the corner [that were actually quite entertaining!]. 

The menu showed no prices... but I knew it would be cheap, according to people that I know that have been there and also according to my trusty urbanspoon! I had to have the Bibimbap, if not just to compare it to the one I had while I was in Koreatown in Toronto. It came with a little bowl of Kimchi and another one of, it seemed, the opposite of Kimchi, basic cabbage with veggies. The kimchi, I thought, was great. Just the right amount of spices and fermentedness (what? it's a new word!) and well, I didn't like the other thang much... just seemed so meh and blah compared to the kimchi. My bibimbap was great. Mmmm! Just mix the egg in there, oh ya, dso it! I found that it lacked a bit of salty flavour but by adding some hot sauce, the flavours came right back! The whole thing was boiling hot because of the, well, extremely hot bowl! You could actually hear it sizzling. The mushrooms were a tad chewy, which I always find annoying... but the rest was great and tasty! The trick is to mix everything together and you get a good result!

Lea had the Bokkeumbap: rice with kimchi and pork. Actually it was more like slices of pork fat. Kinda weird and squishy. The flavours were ok and just spicy enough but the cabbage was too vinegary. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't the best.

Service was fast and efficient, like in most asian restaurants. We got a table quickly, got water quickly and got our food really fast as well. On the other hand, she didn't come and check how we were doing or how we were enjoying our meal.

And now, the scores!

Food: 7,5 (damn vinegar! damn mushrooms!)
Service: 7 efficient but not customer oriented, if y'all know what I mean

A great place all in all to try Korean food. If you like Bibimbap, by all means, try this place!

GaNaDaRa on Urbanspoon


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Anonymous said...

How much did you spend? I was looking for their menu online to see what prices were like. (Still searching for the nearly elusive $5 lunch)