Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Café Pamplemousse

This place is located right beside one of my friends' apartment (corner of Ontario and Beaudry) so I finally decided to go get something to eat there today. I would say it's mostly a breakfast type of place with many breakfasty items on the menu and a few salads and sandwiches. They also have the plat du jour for lunch.
It's actually not that small (it looks really small from the outside) with around 50 seats in the house.

I wanted something not too heavy and not too expensive so I went for the ham sandwich. I was instructed by the waitress that there were big pieces of ham in there which made me happy! I like big slabs of meat in my sandwiches :) So I had the sandwich, not in a tortilla, because they were out of those but in bread. 

It turned out to be an ok sandwich for an ok price. It cost me, with taxes, a bit over 7 bucks. Meh. Basically, it was ham with tomatoes and lettuce. Lots of mayo and lots of mustard. A bit TOO much. The too much kind that when you bite into it, it runs all over your face too much. And it was seriously lacking salt. Why oh why are people afraid of salt? I mean, taste it, and then add salt if needed, no?

And now, the scores:

Food: 6
Service: I'll give her a generous 8,5. I mean, she just said hi and took my order but she was very nice

I would expect the breakfasts to be better so go there early and have one of those :)

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