Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bouillon Bilk

My friend Camille is clearly annoyed that I've been bugging her and bugging her about writing this review. How do I know this? Well, she actually wrote it today :) Merci Camille!

Hi, good people of the internet,
My name is Camille, I'm Marie's friend from school and I will be your guest blogger today.

As the spoiled little girl that I am, my favorite restaurant in town is Bouillon Bilk on St-Laurent street. My dad goes there a few times a week and I tag along when I can. Bouillon is not located in the best part of the town (between Maisonneuve and Ontario,kind of a ghost town), but that doesn't stop it from being full almost all the time, so call ahead!

The lunch menu is really cheaper than the dinner menu (as it goes in almost every higher end restaurant): the plates are a lot simpler, but still really good. It gives you a good idea of what the chef is capable of. But if you want to splurge I highly recommend going there at night, as the food goes from good to simply amazing.

The food is not too meaty, which I appreciate, and there is always at least one vegeterian or pescetarian dish available. The menu changes regulary, but some classics, like the turkey poutine (yummy !) are always on it.

Crab toast with apple and cheddar and perfect hard boiled egg

Pea ravioli and pulled beef (the cute kid is NOT on the menu)

Rabbit three ways
Filet de bar

Portions are small at lunch (but they are enough for me) but quite decent at night. The staff is really friendly, not only because we are regulars, but they know their produces and wines really well.

Note: the restaurant is not really toddlers-friendly, there is no children menu or special seat, but our little Juliette didn't mind and loved the still warm and soft cookies.

The scores:

Food: 9,5
Service: 9,5

The scores aren't perfect 10's only because i am really picky. But i highly recommend it.

Note the urbanspoon score! That's almost unheard of! Obviously a good choice (if you've got the $)
Bouillon Bilk on Urbanspoon

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