Saturday, June 8, 2013

Bistro Olivieri part trois

We woke up this morning and since a: we were very hungry and b: I was slightly hungover, we decided to treat ourselves to brunch at Bistro Olivieri. You guys know that this place is probably our fave resto to eat at. But you know what? It's going down.

I hate doing this, especially to our fave restaurant, but here's a list of bad shiz that went on.

1. 5 minutes after we sat at our table, our waitress comes and tells us that she hadn't seen us. OK... it's not like you're 15 minutes late, no need to tell us you didn't see us.

2. She brought us our plates and told me she was coming back with bread and she never did. She actually never did. I had to ask the other waiter for the damn bread which I got when I only had a couple bites left.

3. She never came to ask us if we were pleased with our dishes.

4. The pitcher of water was left on our table (and after looking around, on all the occupied tables). I mean how lazy are you? I remember a time when the people that worked there were all trained at ITHQ and did everything perfectly.

5. As we were leaving, the waiter (probably on break...hopefully) was at the counter, drinking a glass of wine. I think that's a tad unprofessional.

6. I had big pieces of goat in my omelet. It was not nearly as pleasant as it could have been if shredded.

Service: 4,5
Food: 6,5

It's true that brunch is not as good as their dinner menu but we were still disappointed. And yes, it does hurt to diss and rediss your fave restaurant. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

As Isa was saying, it's just not the same! We used to feel appreciated when we went there and the waiters and waitresses were all so nice. Today we felt like a burden.

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