Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sushi Crescent

Another lunch with my dad :) Yay! I was just going to enjoy lunch and not write a review but then, when the service started going waaaaaaay down, I just HAD to!

Anyhoot, this place is located on 2 floors, on Crescent near Ste-Catherine and has about, I'd say, 140 seats ish. It's very loud in there so I would suggest skipping it altogether if you're looking for some romantically romantic time with your better half (or just a date!).

To start off, it's so damn hard to park on Crescent. I'm sure most of you who have been ON Crescent know this seeing as it's always so darn busy! My dad actually got a spot right in front of the restaurant (lucky him!) but then turns out the guy in front of him was taking up two spots and so my dad payed for the wrong meter and tralala.... 8 years later, we actually got to go IN the restaurant :p

We were actually pretty lucky to get seats as it was lunch rush hour at 12:30. I had a great view: dirty windows. Ah man, it just gets to me when a restaurant dsont clean their windows! I mean, come oooon! Don't clean them at home, I don't care, but please clean them in your resto!

As I was saying, we sat down quite quickly and got our water glasses right away, which is a must in my book! The menu is pretty elaborate, with nigiris, cones, makis, hosomakis, tempura this, tempura that, etc. It has a lot of variety and that's great since, at lunch, you're paying 15,99$ to eat, well, all you can (I always take it as a challenge, which never turns out very nicely for my stomach). I found that the nigiri were really good and pretty much melted in my mouth. Always a good sign. The tempura shrimp (when they arrived, 5 years later, apparently they had a problem with the fryer...), were crispy and rather fluffly, which was great! I also really enjoyed the mango and avocado roll, the mango was really present in the maki and in my mouth! The fried zucchinis were good but not as good as other sushi places, namely Kanda, where I've been before. The teriyaki chicken and salmon were not very well presented but tasted OK. The other rolls were fine but with some, the seaweed was a tad hard and therefore it was hard for me and my teeth to chew through.

The service, wow, the service. And in this case, 'wow' is a bad thing. Shiz. They were good at first, meaning they got our first (out of something like 11) order right but then it went downhill. You could hear them around you: 'did you have this, did you have that?'. And of course, no orders were right. They might have gotten the table numbers mixed up, who knows... But it was a bad experience all around. At the end, it took us three (yes, THREE) tries to get our nigiri order (easy, 3 snapper) and finally... about 15 to 20 minutes later, they brought us those plus 2 salmon nigiri. And I was like whaaaat? We told you like 8 times what we wanted and you still manage to get it wrong? Pffff.

And now, the scores:

Food: 7
Service: 5 (they should definitely number the tables!!!)

It's good sushi in general, even though it's an all-you-can-eat but dsamn people, get the service right!!!

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Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right, the food was ok but the service was horrible. I would never go back to a place where I pay for such horrible service.

Anonymous said...

YES!!!! very horrible nasty service

They were carrying around raw fish in buckets where everyone could see, I was not sure if i was in a market or a restaurant, Customers were sitting near the recycle bins, the waitresses seem busy doing nothing, walking around but not coming around for orders, on top of it my waitress was rude. The food was tasteless, the fish you could tell was frozen and not fresh. The meat was frozen and old. Even the sushi managed to be tasteless. The glass was dirty so I could not drink water from it. So when it was time to pay, I paid my full bill but intentionally did not leave a tip as I regretted eating there. After my card goes through the lady says to me, " You did not leave a tip?" I was like yes and i have paid my whole bill, then she says ok, bring your card I will pass it again so you can leave a tip. I was like NO!. I was so annoyed how can you demand me to leave a tip, with disgusting food, rude service, dirty glass, and bad hygiene. I really hope I don't get sick from what I ate. This same lady asked me if I had any charge in your wallet for tip since I did not leave any on my card. I started walking out as I was fed up with the nonsense and then she shouted out to her mates that I did not leave a tip. I laughed and continued walking out. I definitely should not have gone there. I will never ever eat at this nasty place again. You can tell they don't care about the people or the food and service its all about collecting money for business goals. Very sad.