Sunday, May 19, 2013

Barbie's Bar & Grill

Note: This post will be one of my shortest. This restaurant is not worth my time!
During Christmas vacations, there was this huge snow storm that left us all stranded in Lachine at my mom's place. Anyhoot, we decided to eat out for dinner and well, Barbie's is a 3 minute walk so we went there. Bad, BAD idea.

Anyhoot, apparently, my cousin (who eats at good restaurants...) has been there a couple times because her and her husband have friends that live in Lachine. She never warned us :p

I won't go into details. We were all, I believe, disappointed. We ordered a pizza and the crust was not cooked through. The nachos had a tiny amount of store bought guacamole and salsa. Also, the ingredients leave a lot to be desired. Everything is frozen and thawed instead of being fresh. And it's not like they don't have the clientele!!! That place is pretty much always at least half full!!! And with the deck, they have at least 100 to 120 places in there. It's unfortunately quite the institution! Weird. 

The service was not much better. The water took a while to get to our large table. The food also. The waitress was also quite on the impolite side of thangs and obviously that was not appreciated! I'm sorry if you had a bad day, that sucks. But smile when you get to my table por favor!

Anyway, now, the scores.

Food: 4,5
Service: 5

Even if you're in Lachine (or Dorval), just please spend an extra 10$ and go to one of those nicer restaurants along the boardwalk  :)

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Anonymous said...
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Michelle said...

That's too bad. I go there often and its always sooo good (service and food) its always fresh. Are you sure you have the right restaurant? The picture is not from that restaurant.

Anonymous said...

As someone who has worked there in the past, trust me when I say that you are right that everything is frozen beforehand.