Monday, May 6, 2013

L'entrecôte St-Jean

I wanted to try a new resto with my dad when I met him for lunch the other day. He said he liked this place so I went along. It's very well located on Peel corner Maisonneuve and I think we saw 1 Lamborgini, 5 Porshes and a Mazaratti pass by. Needless to say, with all the expensive cars and the tv celebrities, this was a hotspot for people watching!

As soon as you come in, the owner immediately comes to say hello. She turned out to be VERY present.  Maybe a bit TOO present. You're done your water, BAM she's there. You're done your plate, BAM! I mean it's nice to have someone care for your needs in a resto, don't get me wrong, but it was a tad too much I think.

L'entrecôte et frites (Strip loin steak and fries)OK, so L'Entrecôte St-Jean has the simplest menu I've ever seen: either you have the table d'hôte, which is the soup or salad, the entrecôte and the fries (which they call 'pomme allumettes-excuse me!) and the profitéroles OR you have the spécial entrecôte which is just the salad and the main. We had the latter. OK, let me just say that for me, a quarter of a boston salad and 8 nuts does not consist a salad. And having to cut said salad is quite unpleasant. Why, WHY would anyone serve huge chucks of lettuce? WHY I ask!!! Anyway. The main was quite delicious. Very basic but good: entrecôte and fries with a great mustard sauce. The sauce was perfect and the fries were good as well. The beef itself was a tad too thin and a bit overcooked but still enjoyable. The plate was cold though, which is a big no no when you spend 80$ for 2. The wine was good, at 9$ a glass.

The service was almost too good. The waitress was watching over our table like a hawk and since we were close to the door, the owner was ever so present. It was also quick to pay which is always nice!

And now, the scores!

Food: 7/10... and that's because of the huge chunk of lettuce we got.
Service: 8/10 .... a tad annoying but still good.

All in all, a good resto and a very simple menu. If you want to people watch, go there and get a table by the window!

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