Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dans le noir

What??? It's pitch black! Hehehe!
A very good friend of mine invited me to eat there because she had bought coupons (oh, how I love coupons!). I was confused at first because I was thinking of going to O.Noir on Ste-Catherine but it was really Dans le noir ... also on Ste-Catherine. 

Anyhoot, you get there and there are two people behind a desk with cash machines, taking reservations and also, most importantly your order. This room is very bright. And then, your blind server comes to get you and asks you first if you want to go to the bathroom. So we did. And it's still lit enough for you to know where you're peeing :p Then: complete darkness. Like, complete.

It was a really weird experience! Obviously all your senses are heightened: everything is louder than usual. It was weird to hear so many voices and not see a soul.

I had the crab cake to start with. It didn't taste homemade, it was most likely bought frozen but still tasty. Then, I had the shrimp. THAT was homemade and very good. Cooked to perfection. It's rare that you get shrimp cooked so well in a restaurant, I find. For desert, I had the chocolate mousse. Again, it felt and tasted like it was store bought but it was still yummy!

The service was great, as you can see by the score. Our server was very nice and came by every chance he got to see how we liked the food, which was nice and well appreciated. He would touch your shoulder and tell you how to either give him your plate (and drink) or how to receive it. I was waiting for at least one boob graze but nothing! Hahaha! Good.

You definitely don't go there for the food, even though it's quite tasty. You go there for the experience! And what an experience it was! Eating your food, and having to touch it to see what's left on your plate is weird. But what to do when it's pitch black? You touch your damn food!

And now, the scores:

Food: 6.5
Service: 9,5

All in all, a great experience but personally, I don't think I'd go back. It was freaky in the dark. And touching my food wasn't my fave thing. It IS a great place to try though!

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Anonymous said...

We went there last night with another couple. It was an amazing experience. Our meal was really good, the menu has something for everyone. Our waiter, Christophe, was fantastic, very attentive and funny too. Its an experience we will not soon forget and made us appreciate being able to see and understand the life of a blind person. Fantastic!