Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Les délices de l'ile Maurice

My friend Alex convinced me (I mean, come on, how much convincing do I need to go to a new restaurant?) to try Les délices de l'île Maurice last week. Plus, it's a BYOW! I was totes down. Down to go out on the town! Aaaand the rhyming has ceased. Alex's dad is actually from there, and she goes on the regular. Well, enough that the owner came to say hi, hugs were exchanged and she knew her by name. I'd say they're in the friend zone.

I can't recall how many times I've passed in front of this cute little restaurant on my way to the gym. I was always intrigued and this gave me the perfect reason to explore this matter further. This very important matter that is a new restaurant. It was going to be brilliant! I swear, I was clairvoyant. And at that moment, I wondered, am I wearing any antiperspirant?  Wow, what a poem! Don't say it, I know I'm gifted.
When you step inside, you are wrapped with a coat of warmth and loveliness and homeyness. It's a very comfortable looking place that feels like someone's living room. It's a small restaurant with about 35 seats gros max. Frames are hanging left and right, up and down, with pictures of the island. I wish I were on a freaking island in the middle of the Indian ocean right about now (#cantwaitforsummer). They even had one, right beside my head, with a dude that is fishing with a really long fishing rod. Ya, I think you know where I'm going here. At first glance it tooootally looked like a huge... pecker. With...two balls! A big Johnson if you will. A wiener, a willie, a .... you catch my drift (big thanks are in order here: Austin Powers baaaaby).

I found it really different that there was garlic oil AND mint oil on the table. Right up my alley! Mmmm, that mint oil on rice: deeelicious! How the menu works is that you choose your protein and then you choose your sauce. There's a lot to choose from: créole, curry, sweet and sour, cajun, garlic butter and honey.
Fried cabbage. Unconventional, but very good! It wasn't overly greasy and I had to stop myself because a: it was fried and b: I needed room in ma stomach for the rest of my meal!
Lentil and coriander soup. This was nice and hearty! Turns out lentil and coriander=perfect match. It didn't taste overly coriandery (ya, it's a thing) and it had just the right level of thickness.
The main. I had the shrimp, obviously. For those of you that know me, you know I always have the shrimp. Even if it ain't on the menu! Ha! This is how it goes when I go to a burger joint: 'What would you like?' Me: 'I'll have the shrimp please' Them: ' Uh, mam, we don't have that on our menu' Me: KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Ok, I agree, that was ridiculous.

I chose the créole sauce because, hello. Qui dit Ile Maurice, dit créole! It was a great choice: tomato, onion and garlic sauce caressing and enveloping the shrimp so. Please, leave us alone so that we can cuddle. Hahaha. I must say that the shrimp size was a tad disappointing. They were the size of a cocktail shrimp, which, in my head, is way too tiny. Then again, I loves me huge motha f*ckin' shrimp. The sauce was just spicy enough, the rice was perfect and you know what I'm gonna say here: put em' together man! The salad, I almost didn't touch because it was not looking very appetizing: iceberg with lots of vinaigrette. You know how I feel about iceberg. It's second in line after that damn mesclun!

Service was great throughout: we got our food in a timely manner and water was refilled. The waitress/owner was really nice and friendly. I guess I was in for a treat since I knew the girl that goes there the most :) When I went to pay the bill, it was about 33$ for the two of us (and that is INCLUDING tip!). Whaaaat? I'll take four please.

I almost forgot; I must also mention the candies. They have big jujubes in a jar when you get in. Probably meant for the kids that go there with their parents. But also meant for me, right? That'll be all.

And now, the scores!

Food: 8
Service: 8

I'll definitely go back, but I'll definitely try other restos first :)

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