Sunday, August 25, 2013

Food Trucks on Monkland!

Last Thursday, Isa told me that there were a few food trucks around her work on Monkland for somewhat of a street festival. I just HAD to meet her on her lunch break the following day to witness this. Oh and I did! There were about 7 or 8 food trucks lining the street so of course, we didn't want to try only one or two... we tried four :)

The first one, right around the corner was P.A. Gargantua, a gourmet grilled cheese specialized truck. We, as good pigs that we are, just had to have the bacon,  smoked butter, cheddar des îles-aux-grues (cut by one of my good friends that works at la Fromagerie Atwater!!--apparently they cut about 100 kg a week for them!) and échalotes confites one (8,50$). Holy YES! First of all, as soon as you put your nose in the bag, you are in grilled cheese heaven: it smells so freaking good. You take a bite and dsamn! First off, I need to stress that we ware talking about REAL bacon here. Thick, juicy, freshly cut from ze pig bacon. Although pleasant to eat, it is quite hard to eat it without taking the whole piece in your mouth with one bite. The cheddar was so freaking good and added a tad of saltiness to the grilled cheese. The shallots, well, hello! I'm an onion type-o-girl so this was more than perfect for me! It added a certain sweetness to it that was welcomed.
And the score: 9 !!! It was also my fave of the day.
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The second truck was Lucille's. They serve up some seafood and that day, they were serving a lobster roll. How can I say no to that? Well, I can't! It was 10$ for the roll and both Isa and I thought it was pretty steep. At least gimme a pickle, chips, something! It had great flavours with some green onion in there but a tad too much mayo based sauce and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, the lobster was overcooked :( When it's squishy, it's overcooked people!
 And the score:6,5
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The third truck was Route 27, Marché 27's truck. Isa brought me to Marché 27 for my birthday 3 years ago and it was damn freaking diddlydamn good. So we just HAD to try it. We had the tuna taco. Basically, it is tuna tartare with a mango salsa. Good right? Meh, I guess. First off, it was more like a fajitas: soft shell that kept on breaking and was very unpleasant to eat :/ I would have preferred a hard shell. And everything was mushy, the shell was mushy, the tuna was mushy and the salsa was mushy. The flavours weren't even that great. Oh, and it was TINY. I don't even think it was worth our 8$.
And the score: 6
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The final truck was Pas d'Cochon dans mon salon. They had like 4 things on their menu, which is just perfect for a food truck; don't complicate things. Oh, and they had their smoker right RIGHT there. We had the pulled pork sandwich (7$) and it was the best deal out of all the food trucks that day. First off, it was fresh fresh FRESH out of the smoker. And it was HUGE!!! We had to eat it with a fork! Mmmmm the pork melted in your mouth it was so tender!!! The flavours were there, the everything was there, it was perfect! Not too salty, and surprisingly not too meaty.
And the score: 9
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