Thursday, August 1, 2013

TA pies

Isa, who LOVES TA Pies, was nice enough to write this review! Yay! Merci Isa :)

TA stands for tourtière australienne (fun fact: it also means ‘’thanks a lot’’ in Australia!) They serve what they call ‘’rapid cuisine from Australia and New Zealand’’. They have between 15-20 different kinds of pies that you can order hot, cold or even frozen (to reheat at home, for those lazy nights!). 

The first time I went, I ordered the Butter chicken one because, well, hello!! BUTTER CHICKEN!!! And I wasn’t deceived one bit! As with all the pies, the crust was just pure fluffiness and butteriness! Love, love love! The whole thing actually tasted like butter chicken; the sauce was creamy, the chicken moist, tender, and the spices just right. 

Then, after ordering that one a few times, I decided that it was time to move on (fidelity is good but you know!). That’s when I discovered my second favorite: the Lamb roganjosh. What is roganjosh? What an excellent question! At the time I did ask but honestly I don’t remember anymore since it tastes soooo good. If you like lamb, then you definitely need to try it. From there, I couldn’t stop myself. I had to try the Ned Kelly (ground beef, egg, bacon, and barbecue sauce), the Curried vegetables and sweet potato, the Steak bacon and mushroom... The list goes on. I have not been disappointed once, though of course I have favorites. If you’re thinking that all this sounds a little... fattening, they do serve fresh salads made daily. On the other hand, if you think a pie is not enough, why not try the TA tower? A tourtière with a stack of mash potatoes, mushy peas and gravy! And of course, everything is freshly made at their Parc location with quality ingredients. You’ll never find a pie like this at your local grocery store, I guarantee it!

They also have satisfying desserts. I recommend the Pavlova (meringue, whipped cream, fruits), the Afghan cookie (dark chocolate cookie) and the Banofee (cookie crust, banana, caramel (was it dulce de leche, though?), whipped cream, shaved chocolate).  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for them to bring back the New Zealand donut (a big donut with whipped cream and jam). TA Pies people, I hope you’re reading this; I miss my donut A LOT! That thing was just pure bliss! (My intel is telling me that it should be back shortly though ;)

And now, service. It varies but I’ve generally had good service there. It is not the kind of place where you’ll sit down to order (but they do have something like 8 seats outside and 3 to 5 inside) so it can’t really compare to a formal restaurant. However, the guys and girls working there are mostly young 20ish; they’re always friendly and smiling. They know EVERYTHING about their products (seriously, not once was I left with an unsatisfactory answer!). One of the girls I’ve met is even from down under!

Food: 8.5
Service: 8

I've been there, as you read above, many times! And I WILL GO BACK many more times :)

Ps: did I mention the great prices? One individual pie is between 5.25$ and 6.25$! You can also buy family sizes for 15.50-17.25$.

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