Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I met Isa at her work on Monkland one night this week to go to the restaurant. I knew what was coming: she wanted to go to Tavern again. I LOVE Tavern, don't get me wrong, but I wanted to try something different. So we walked a bit on Monkland and found Chase, a Lebanese restaurant with a terrasse.

The place itself seems very nice, with a two level terrasse and quite a lot of seats inside. Unfortunately, many smokers felt free to...smoke on the terrasse and well.. that wasn't fun during dinner! Anyhoot, at least I got her to want to eat elsewhere :p

We sat down and as soon as we did, we had water served, which is always appreciated. She also brought us a little appetizer (some marinated radishes, hot peppers, olives and pita bread). May I just say that the pita was served in a plastic basket from Dollarama!!! Oh, that was good. But so not :( How ghetto!!!

We already knew what we wanted by looking at the menu before coming in: the Machawi. It's a huge plate for two with salad, rice, 5 brochettes (2 shish taouk, 2 kafta kebab and 1 shish kebab) with some babaganoush and hummus. All of this for 31,99$. Not too bad. Actually very affordable for 2. I got the impression that the salad and the rice took too much room on the plate but isn't that always the case?

We waited quite a while for the food but in our case that wasn't so bad since we both had had late lunches. Anyway, the babaganoush was very tasty and well seasoned. Perfect, really. The hummus was good and silky but Isa thought it was a tad too salty. I thought it was perfect! We both agreed that the rice was blend but, really, when is it not. Ok, that's not true but, you know, when you order dishes like these, the rice is usually blend, no? The chicken was a tad on the dry side but the two other brochettes were great, very well seasoned and moist. 

The service was OK but not great. I mean, come on girl, wear something else than leggings and a tank top please! On top of it, she wasn't super friendly and was bitching quite a bit about having tod to move tables or when more customers came in. 

And now, the scores!

Food: an average of 7,25
Service: a generous 6

A good resto to go on a small budget and if you feel like lebanese food. Don't expect great service though.

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