Saturday, June 23, 2018

Machiavelli - Brunch

The first time I ate at Machiavelli was, pffff, like, hum, 6 years ago? It's an actual question, people. Ya, around 6 years. I remember, I lived in Côte-des-Neiges then, and went with my ex. Right after leaving, I discovered I had to pee and instead of walking the 5 steps back to the restaurant, I walked two blocks away and peed on the church's lawn. I know, GREAT story. Best story EVA. Fun fact: when I went there from Côte-des-Neiges, I had ABSOLUTELY no idea where the F I was. It was like I had been dropped by helicopter (what? I'm fancy!) right in the middle of butt f*ck nowhere. And now, I live a block away. Ah, how life is funny sometimes. Ha. Laugh. Laugh NOW.
Machiavelli is one of the cutest restaurants around and probably one of the most underrated. It's two (small) rooms, decorated with fresh flowers, cute little wooden tables and cute little wooden chairs. Vintage dishes and tableware completed the very cottagey feel. As I said, everything is cute. Oh, and the music was cute too: indie for the most part, and very shazamable! Second oh, it's a BYOW! Quuuuuwhat! And for brinch, you can bring your bubbles and you can enjoy a mimosa or 8 :)

We went there on a very, VERY rainy Sunday. The kind of rain that lasts all day and that makes you want to stay in and watch Netflix. ALL. DAY. Instead, ma work girls Bi and Little Boo and I dragged our asses around 200 meters to Machiavelli. In Netflix's defense, I DID watch at least 6 hours of it after brunch.
First, they brought us warm bread and home made brioche (both rare, let's face it) with a little nugget-o-butter and, excuse me, homemade blueberry and rose water jam. As some of you know, I ain't a fan of jam. On anything. Meh. But this one? THIS one was effin good. Just a little bit of rose water makes the medicine go dsown! OK, that should totally be a song. Or not. We'll see :) Seriously, it was a match made in heaven! Just a tad of butta, with a tad of jam and I had myself a winner!
I had some nice and chilly AND bubbly San Pellegrino because, when I have the choice, I always choose them bubbles! Bi had tea. But not any kind of tea: home made tea! Yep, they grow herbs and flowers in their garden and make things like tea. WHAT! The waitress made her smell at least five different kinds of tea before she chose this pretty one. It was the waitress' fave, somewhat of a Spring blend, whatever that means. Oh, and we all really enjoyed the 'cuillere monster', with all dem teeth!
Oeufs à la commodore: poached egg, truffle oil béchamel, button mushrooms, rustic potatoes and side salad. One thing about truffle oil is that it's easily over used. EASILY. I love it but when there's too much, it's just not enjoyable. Like, at all. Ugh. Yuk. OK, you get it. There was just the right amount and it was loverly (that is not a typo). The salad, although it being my very hated mesclun, was very fresh and crispy. The potatoes were perfectly cooked and seasoned. The button mushrooms were so good that I had to ask which kind they were. Button. Freaking button mushrooms done oh-so good! I was like, ooooh, these must be fancy ass mushrooms. But no! The egg was more than perfect. Hard, I know. But true. It was flowin' in all the right directions. Gawd, that sounds dirty. Anyhoot, skipping over this awkward moment...The béchamel had the right consistency and the truffle oil added a certain je  ne sais quoi to it. By the way, 'je ne sais quoi'=awesomeness. The homemade brioche completed this awesome dish, with its fluffiness and great taste. Ah man, now I really want to eat that again!!!

Chocolate mousse with chantilly and banana. This was such a nice way to finish off our meal! Not overly sweet, uber soft chocolate mousse with just the right amount of chantilly and bananas. A match made in heaven, once more! AND the presentation was so cute!

Service was very good. It had better be because we were the only ones there on that rainy, cold, and ugly Sunday morning. Apparently, usually, it's pretty full. She explained everything to us and water was a-plenty.

And now, the scores!

Food: 9
Service: 9

No doubt in my mind that I'll be going back! Like, I'd say there's a 172% chance that I'm going back.

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