Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Saigon VIP

My bro, his gf and his friend came to see me at work so when they said they were going to go out and eat at a resto, I was like whhhhaaaaat I'll go with you! We hit the nearest vietnamese place, Saigon VIP.

I love going to asian restaurants because a: its bound to be good and b: its very fast service! And they did not disapoint. Plus, I had about 40 minutes max for my break from work so it had to be chop chop chop!

The place itself is meh: yellow walls, CH flags, tv, nothing appealing there. Maybe around 40 seats and 2 waitresses. BUT very efficient: we ordered and 6 or 7 minutes later, we had our food.

I had the grilled chicken, vegetarian spring roll and vermicelli. It reminded me of Marché Hung Phat! And lord knooooows I love that place! The chicken was moist and tasty, the spring roll, even if so simple, was great as well. The vermicelli, I found, was overcooked. You just have to mix everything together, put some hot sauce in there and BAM! Goodness! And I like to rip up the mint leaves and spread them all over! Oh and it makes for marvellous left overs!
Service was great: we got water as soon as we sat down, and as mentioned before, our food was there in less than 10 minutes. The wait staff was very present which is always appreciated!
And now, the scores!
Food: 8
Service: 8.5

If you have a short amount of time to eat, go there! If you want to eat a good, simple yet savoury meal, go there :)

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