Sunday, January 12, 2014


I was invited to partake in a brunch with Isa and her friend Oli to meet her new better half. How excited was I when I learned that we were going to L'Arrivage (in the Musée Pointe-à-Callière)? I had been meaning to go for a while so I was pretty excited!

This place has a wonderful view of the port! Unfortunately, yesterday was a crappy day with fog and well... crap, so we didn't have the full advantage of that beautiful view. This restaurant has about 80 seats and has quiet jazzy-ish music. Even the crying babies didn't seem to bother us.

As for the menu, you can either order a table d'hôte or a simple dish. I obviously chose the biggest brunch item (don't you know me by now?): l'assiette gargantua! OH YES!

What a plate!! Combining savoury and sweet thangs was a great idea! Egg benedict with smoked pulled pork, pain doré with caramel, fresh fruit, boudin noir (the best I've had), potatoes with old cheddar, quiche with duck, marmelade, and a little pot of yogourt with fruity foam and marmelade. The marmelade didn't do it for me, or any of us for that matter. The yogourt was was good but Isa finished it because I was much more interested in the savoury part of the plate. The quiche was OK but the duck was damn dry. The boudin was EX-CELLENT: smooth texture and great taste. The figs were not good at all. They tasted like next to nothing. But then again, this time of year, does any fig taste good? Ya, that's what I thought. The little layers of potatoes with the cheese were good but didn't really do it for me; maybe because there wasn't enough of it on my plate. The egg was so darn good! The juicy pork in there made it great. And well, the pain doré was good, although not my fave. Plus, the caramel that went on top was too liquidy but still very caramely.

Isa had the table d'hôte and although a soup was wonderful, her main was too salty. Plus, she'd hoped they would have told her that they would replace the asparagus with brocoli. Brocoli seemed like a weird choice here. Don't get me wrong, it was still good and a beautiful plate but even I found it too salty.

Service throughout our meal was good: water service was great and they came and checked to see whether our meal was good or not. But we had a hard time knowing who our waiter was. There was a girl that brought us our plates and the guy that took the order and brought us the bills. At the end though, they kind of forgot about us. PLUS, they took plates away when not everyone was done. ITHQ would not be proud :p

And now, the scores!

Food: For my plate: 7,5
Service: 7,5

A great place to go to eat brunch! Plus you get a nice view...when it,s not so shitty outside :p

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