Saturday, January 18, 2014

Kim Ramen

I decided to go out again and look for good Asian restaurants around my work. I found Kim Ramen on St-Mathieu. It was empty, empty, empty. But I STILL chose to buy my dinner there. Oh boy.

Since their 'thang' is hand made noodles, I had the soup with hand made noodles and bbq duck (oh yes, bbq duck!).

 It came in two separate containers, which kind of sucked for me because there are no bowls at work. Grrrr. So well, I had no choice but to take a sip of the stock and the a bite of the duck/veggies/noodles. Not the way I like eating usually.

Anyhoot, the noodles were very good, very fresh and just the right amount of cookedness. The veggies were, well, veggies. The bbq duck, I was very excited to taste; it's been a while since I ate some good bbq duck. But alas, it was dry and most of it was fat anyway. Meh. Disapointment! The stock was alright, with coriander in there, which by now, you guys all know I love! But it wasn't that great. Maybe (probably) I would have enjoyed this meal if I'd been able to put both containers in a bowl, tsogether....

And now, the score:

Food: 5.5

Meh. You know when you're so excited about a great sounding meal and then you are disapointed? Yep.

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Anonymous said...

they separated the soup to avoid the noodles from getting overly soggy. Next time, try pouring the soup directly into the other container.