Monday, January 13, 2014

Qing Hua

When I work, I don't always feel like eating the [free] restaurant food: I've eaten almost all the crepes, salty and sweet and I can't eat another brownie for fear of balloning up to 300 pounds. So on a recent evening, I decided to go just around the corner to CT #2 (Chinatown #2) and try Qing Hua.

I had heard many good things and I didn't want to get anymore 'hate' mail from friends telling me I'm going to the wrong or 'fake' asian restaurants (wink wink) so I went there. Plus, I'd been meaning to go to Qing Hua either in Chinatown or on Lincoln but sadly never got around to it.

So I got the pork and coriander buns. Mmmmm buns (rrrrrrr...drool). First off, be careful when you eat them because when you bite into one, it's steaming hot plus hot yummy juice leaks out so you're bound to burn your tongue and your whole darn tootin' mouth. It took about 10 minutes for the two women in the open kitchen to make'em and cook'em. Got them and walked back to work just to devour all 10 of those little pieces of heaven (came up to around 9$ including taxes). They were juicy, the pork was just right (not chewy like some over cooked pork can be) and the coriander added just a hint of 'je ne sais quoi'. They weren't as tight as I'd wanted them to be though: a couple times, the filling fell out. But still damn good.

And now, the score!

Food: 8.5

A great place to go if you want to eat dumplings or cute little buns! If you take it to go, be ready to wait a bit because they are prepared 'à la minute`.

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