Sunday, November 26, 2017

Le Butterblume

This place is totes known for being one of the new hot spots in Montreal. Just check it, it's on ALL the cool websites. Wow, I sound like I'm 15. Moving forward: I went there on a very chilly, very rainy Sunday for brunch with Laura.
This resto is riiiight at the cusp of the cool, up and coming, uber hip, Mile-End-Outremont neighbourhoods. There's a bunch of restos around it, but a bit further down and up. All this to say that it seems like the peeps going there would have to go about doing a little detour. That's how much they like it. That means a lot.
Le Butterblume is quite spacious. Actually, from a restaurant management graduate's point of view (ya, that's me), it's TOO spacious. Hahaha! As soon as you enter, you notice a huge unoccupied space. Well, OK, it has a couple chairs for le waiting, and a table with hipster things to buy. You know, like recipe books and the house aprons. They ARE nice (and expensive), but hang em' on the wall, don't take up 8000 units (#iloveyoujad). There are about 10 seats at the bar, some on the opposite wall, and tables in the middle. It's half wooden floor, half cement, which I really liked: it made for a somewhat cozy/industrial feel. Yes, the combination is possible. The lighting was cool too: big lamps were hanging at the front and smaller ones at the back. I'm realizing more and more that I'm a lamp girl. Yes, a lamp girl. The kitchen was open concept and everyone was wearing an apron: waiters and cooks alike. I liked that. Of course, in good hipster fashion, they were all wearing tuques and cool headwear. Hehehe. I really don't have nothin' against hipsters... I just find that half of them try too hard to be oh-so-cool. You could just be ME and be that cool. Wow, I'm super totes really kidding (but am I????).
Butterblume's menu is all over the place, but at least, they don't have 200 choices. Kimchi, buns, fried cauliflower, oatmeal, other thangs.
I started with a drink: the one item on the menu that you should ALWAYS start with. #alcoholic, am I right? This was a big winner. You know what it tasted like? Like packaged lemon pudding, back in the day. Way...WAY back. Whatever, I'm old. Anyhoot, it was fresh, it was perfect.
I continued with a cauliflower cake/bread. This was a big hit in my book. I'm talking, of course, of the "Big book of Marie., blogger extraordinaire". It was really moist (I will PAY someone to find a word that means exactly the same thing) and packed with that cauliflower yumminess. It was a bit on the oily side but who gives a sh*t when it's that good? No one. No one does. The cherry on top was taking a bite with a bit of the Italian parsley, dipped in the sweet chili sauce. YES! Oh, and a pinch of espelette pepper (seriously, this looks like a bad translation but iz what I got) gave just the right amount of spiciness!
Milk bun, pork flank, red cabbage, kimchi mayo and green onion. You had me at pork flank. No, wait, you had me at kimchi. Hold on...OK this could go on for quite a while. The bad news first; the kimchi mayo was a bit disappointing. It wasn't kimchied enough. Ya, it's a thing. Ok, that's it for the bad :) The bread was like a perfect little cloud, the pork was juicy and the cabbage had a very soft texture (without being too soft, as in it's old). Argh, I LOATHE hard ass cabbage that's difficult to eat. Insert puking emoticon. Insert puking sound. It was hot, it was of a good sandwich size and I really enjoyed this. Thoroughly. Yes, I'm serious about this sandwich.
Dessert. OK, I will be completely honest and say that I was effin full after all that food. But it looked good, and it was cheap! AND, I mean, come on, I gots to review the desserts! Chai sponge cake with cherry glaçage (haha sounds fancy!). It looked a bit dry, but, surprise surprise, it was the opposite! It was very chai-y and very cherry-y. A nice...surprise!

Service was quick and efficient. We had a pitcher of water so we could refill our glasses, which, let's face it, is usually the way to go! Apart from fancy restaurants. If I pay the big money, you BEST serve me water. I have to mention that when we went to pay at the cash, the girl was not friendly. OK, she wasn't friendly at all. First of all, it took her a while to figure out which seats we were at (down there! at the wall! near the exit!), and she gave us some attitude to boot. Meh.

And now, the scores!

Food: 8.5
Service: 8

Apart from the hipster-y-ness of it all, I really enjoyed the food, so, yes, I'll probs be goin' back!

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