Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paul Patates

This diner, or 'pataterie' is my step-father's fave in my neighbourhood. Therefore, I just HAD to try it and of course, I decided to go last week in minus 800C weather. Pfff. Should have worn my long johns!!!

The place itself is tiny, just like every real pataterie should be! It has about 20 seats or so around tables and 10 or 12 at the counter. So basically, you feel a bit claustrophobic. There are 2 girls behind the counter, working hard on the grill and what not, looking nicer to some customers than others: see, some seem to be super regulars. The girls even know if they have new girlfriends!

I had the cheese hot dog and fries, of course! I was a tad dispointed to see that the 'cheese' was in fact a slice of kraft singles. Nooooooooo! The hot dog did not taste like cheese at all nor did it have that gooey texture. Dsamn it! If your hot dog (with 'cheese') is 2,29$, put a tad of real cheese on there for shiz' sake! At least the dsog itself was well cooked. I hate it when the hot dog sausages are undercooked like the ones you get at IKEA.

The fries were nice and not crunchy but not NOT crunchy, ya know? They had good flavor but even when I added vinegar, it didn't taste like it! I can only assume that they water down their vinegar and I can then assume that it's just ridiculous to water down vinegar: it's pretty much the cheapest thing you can get!

The service was almost non existent, as, I guess, it should be at this kind of place: the girl took my order behind the counter and then came to bring me my stuff at my table. She THEN came to clean the crap off the table that was left there by the previous customer. Hum.

And now, the scores!

Food: 6.5
Service: 6.5

What was funny/great was that the owner had his diploma from ITHQ on the wall! If you have a diploma in cooking, do NOT put kraft singles in yo hot dog boy! :p

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