Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sushi Taxi

I was invited to try this new restaurant on Notre-Dame West and, while looking it up on the internet, my mouth was watering as I was looking at all the great sushi! Sushi Taxi has a bunch of other restaurants everywhere in Québec, including one in St-Sauveur which is doing really really well.

The place itself is damn cute! Very simple, very cool with a brick wall and wooden tables and chairs. It sits about 40 people. They also have specials. I LOVE specials!

I was welcomed by Valérie, the manager. She told me about Sushi Taxi's history and their philosphy of not doing the usual sushi (aka kamikaze, california) and I told her that MTL is probably the best place for a restaurant that is innovating. She also made me taste a maki, kind of a teaser... and it just melted in my mouth so I was excited to eat more! I was about to order an appetizer and a main. So many choices! And they all looked so good. Valérie helped me out and I ended up choosing the Guac-amore and the Shogun. This was going to be good!

Guac-Amore 9.95$
Oh man! This was heaven in my mouth. HEAVEN I say. If you are a fan of avocado, order this!!! Por favor!! Mmmmm! The idea was to kind of imitate guacamole but, well, way better! Fried ball of avocado that just bursts in your mouth, red onion, salmon tartar and mango topped with a tad of sour cream. It was very original and oh-so good! I was actually kind of sad when I finished all four.

Shogun 23.50$, 18,50$ lunch special
This plate of sushi came highly recommended by the manager so I just had to dso it! The shogun (this month) is a salmon wafu roll with mandarine on top, snow crab maki with leek 'fondant' on top, shrimp tempura maki with a little peeper mousse, tuna and salmon tataki nigiri and scallop tartar with some strawberries. I chose well, I tell ya! First off, let me reiterate my love for sushi and let me RE-reiterate my love for funky, original sushi. I LOVES it! The maki with the mandarine on top was just sweet enough and fit perfectly well! It was quite refreshing. Oh and the Taxi sauce was soooo good!!! Kind of a spicy mayo mixed in with soya sauce. Added a certain je ne sais quoi :p The tuna nigiri just melted in your mouth but the salmon tataki one was not as appreciated. Don't know why but it just didn't fit with my taste buds. The scallop and strawberry roll was good but the strawberries were a tad overpowering. Even so, there was somewhat of a cereal in there adding just the crunch needed! The snow crab maki was great but I didn't really feel the leek fondant on top... Just didn't go for me. It WAS original though so points there. The shrimp tempura maki, again, just melted in my mouth. Man, that was a great roll! The shrimp wasn't SUPER crispy which was all good and the little mousse on top added the touch that made the roll.

When I was done, even though I was darn tootin' full, I wanted more! They DO deliver (to a 4km radius) but I wasn't about to exaggerate!

Although I didn't eat there, I have to comment on the service! Obviously, I'm biased because I got invited because of my blog, therefore, got great service. Still, Valérie was really cool and explained all the dishes to me and told me about the other Sushi Taxis out there. We talked about management, food cost and revenue.

And now, the scores!

Food: 9
Service: 10

You must try this new sushi restaurant! If you like innovation and new things, go to Sushi Taxi!

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