Friday, May 27, 2016

Pétale Sucré

Since I had finished writing my blog on Le Mousso, I was on the hunt for my next restaurant to visit. I had 20$ in ma pocket. I was going to boot camp from 12 to 1 and I had dentist at 3. It was going to have to be close and it was going to have to be quick. I glanced at the eateries near my gym on zomato and quickly saw this. I basically pass by Pétale Sucré every time I go (so, you know, 8 times a week) so it was the obvious choice! 
I got my pal Vanes and our fave gym teacher Daizz to join, because it's always more fun to get other people's opinion too! As we entered, we noticed that it was really small. I dunno, in my head, it was going to be 4 times the actual size. It's rather made on the narrow side, which is not the best when people are in the way or when there are strollers. Just sayin'. It was still rather cute, although the flower shop side of it seemed kind of anything but organized. But hey, we weren't there for dem flowers, we were starving.

The woman at the counter, who was definitely the owner (when you have a place this small, you can't afford to have actual employees and you do everything) seemed a bit nervous/overwhelmed at first with our orders and trying to memorize them. I say, take a piece of paper, write em' down! That's what I do with everything. Meet someone new? Write their name down. Want to watch a specific show? Write it down. Anything? Write the damn thing on a piece of paper! I certainly don't judge waiters that write down shizzle. How are you supposed to remember a whole table's orders? OK, it's just my brain surgery and subsequent memory problems talking. Feel bad for me. Now. I kid, I kid! Going back to the lady... She was really nice and since not everything was on display, she said that wasn't a problem and she could make it right then and there. I mean, it's a little café; the choices weren't that abundant but there were 4 or 5 salads and 4 or 5 choices of sandwich type thangs. Oh, and dessert of course. Duh. It was not called 'Pétale Sucré' for nothin'.
Celery root remoulade and pressed tortilla. That tortilla looked like a tiny little gift. The emmenthal was ooey and gooey and made it taste different than any other tortilla which was a welcome change. The tomato made it a bit soggy; no surprise there. The pesto could have been a bit more present. I was looking for that herbal quality but had a hard time finding it. All the ingredients tasted fresh and it was a mighty good lunch bite. The salad was good. It had a bit too much dressing for my taste but apart from that, it was also very fresh and had just the right texture. Plus, it was seasoned just right (you know me and damn seasoning!). I'm not sure what the cucumbers were doing there but hey, more veggies for me!
Pear and chocolate tart. Imma gonna say yes to THAT! Yummy. Daizz had the Écureuil which was basically a mousse and lots of nuttiness and Vanes had an éclair au café! Lots of goodness there! It was very chocolaty and thick with a little layer of pear. Perfect for me since I'm not the biggest fan of fruity desserts! It was obviously too small but that's the story of my over-gymming-I-lose-1500-calories-per-workout-session life. Not too sweet but sweet enough. Yuuuuummy! Overall tho, Daizz' dessert won. Nuuuuuts!

Service was good. She came to check if we were pleased, she gave us water. She was right there if we needed her :) She was very attentive. We got our food in a timely manner. Oh, but Vanes would have liked her coffee quicker. 

And now, the scores!

Food: 7.5
Service: 8

I mean, there are so many restaurants in the area...but if, let's say, I'm having a girlie party that includes flowers and desserts... I'm totes there!

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