Monday, May 5, 2014

Marché Djurdjura

I was doing my weekly Wellington Ave walk in search for a good tasting restaurant to eat at and after doing the whole avenue AND walking on Verdun ave for a bit, I returned to this tiny place ( or a hole as one might describe it) located pretty much at the beginning of the street.

Djurdjura is a little Algerian market complete with arabic products and a big meat counter. They make their own sausage and merguez (yes, I know merguez is sausage!) AND have a tiny 12 seat spot near the window for lunch. They are 'known' for their bbq chicken and their potatoes but I was looking for something smaller. And when I write 'known' I mean they know it's the best and the patrons know it's the best but not a lot of people are aware of it because as mentioned above, this place is rather unknown and a hole in the wall!

I got there and was warmly welcomed by the man behind the counter. He explained to me what was on the menu and I chose the Kefta, a sandwich with minced marinated merguez (paprika, garlic, parsley) accompanied with roasted peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, mayo and harissa. All this for 3,95$ !!!! Well hello there! 

This was lunch! You should have seen the size of this sandwich! It was HUGE (and I don't want to hear a 'that what she said' joke!) !!! I later told the dude that he should hike up his prices and he simply told me that he wants people to come first and once they come back and back again, he'll think about it. Alright, so the bread was a tad dry but still soaked up some nice flavours and the meat could have been marinated a bit longer but as ze dude had told me, he only had time to marinate it for one hour or so because he had gotten the meat that very morning. The harissa was great and the mayo, although it looks like there was a shit load on the picture, was just present enough. The grilled peppers added just a touch of charred taste and the tomatoes added the freshness needed. All in all a great sandwich! I could almost compare it to a better version of a burger.

The service was great! That man was just so nice, he even gave free chicken to a client that came in and that obviously did not have enough money. Oh and the grocery store part is freaking cheap! I bought some noodles, some veggies and a pound of merguez (like 9 sausages for 5$!) for around 9$!!! Amaaaazing!

And now, the scores!

Food: 7,5
Service: 10

I'll definitely go back and try something else and perhaps buy more of that amazing merguez to bring home! What great discovery! 

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Denise said...

In case you still want to get your carnivore fix, they moved to 2485 rue du Centre (by Charlevoix metro) and they're now called Marché du Centre. They have a bigger store now too.