Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Noodle Factory

*Flash review alert* (yes another one... but hey... I just wanted something simple to take out and eat at home so... )

After work today, I decided to go try one of the restos on my list. I call it THE list. A list of places in MTL and this one was located quite close to work, in Chinatown. I find it funny that the best Chinese restaurants in Chinatown have very Americanized names: Amigo (ok, that's Spanish but you get what I'm sayin'), Noodle Factory, Jade Garden... It is a little place with a great menu: dumplings, noodles, etc... I got a great welcome from ze dude at the counter and I asked him what I should have for my first time. He asked me if I felt like having noodles (hand made, no less!) and I said meh... not really. SO I ordered the Hunan. Hunan is known for its use of ginger, chili peppers and green onions.

-kind of dumpling like
-pork, my fave
-peanut-y goodness
-great spices including ginger (me loves ginger)
-some green onions to add a certain je-ne-sais-quoi :)
-lots of yummy well seasoned sauce

And  now, the score!

Food: 8

I will definitely go there again! For 7,95$ inc taxes, I got about 10 of these lovelies and I'd gone to another resto on Ste-Cat a couple months back, and got half of that for the same price! Well hello there Noodle Factory!

ps: sorry about the quality of the pics.... I think my camera got shiz on it at work today. I shall clean it up :p

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Jason said...

Hunan is actually a province in China, not a dumpling.

Marie said...

I know! But they called it Hunan! Perhaps they did not think anyone knew :)