Friday, November 4, 2011

Marché 27

I was very busy on the 19th of September and ze wife had a hard time planning time to celebrate my birthday! BUT, cute as she is, she put a note in my lunch bag with some kind of treasure hunt leading me to Marché 27. So instead of eating a homemade lunch, I ate at Marché 27. Sure beats a sandwich! I got there and the wife was waiting for me (in a very sexy dress no less... but that's another story). Knowing that I only had a short time to eat, she had already ordered and I ordered myself a drink to make it more birthday-y, even if it wasn't 12 yet. You only turn 22 once :p

The place itself is quite small: about 40 seats inside and 6 to 8 outside. The decor is simple but fun, clean tiles, clean lines, very cozy, with black boards all around featuring the menu and the specials.

The service was very fast but I gotta add here that we were the only ones in the restaurant for a good 15 minutes so if the service wouldn't have been good, there would've been a problem! The waitress was very nice and waited to take our plates away and when she did, we didn't feel 'forced to go' as we do in a lot of restaurants.

Parlons de la bouffe!!! YUM-MY! Ze wife était déjà allée avec une de ses amies et recommandait l'assiette dégustation de tartares, donc nous avons commandé celle-ci. DÉ-LI-CIEUX! Mais en premier, nous avons mangé une salade de crevettes, avocats et mangues; celle-ci était très bien assaisonnée et était entourée d'endives, ce qui nous permettait de manger avec nos mains! It was a fun dish to eat. As for the main, equally good if not more. Nous avions 5 tartares sur notre assiette avec une petite salade dans le milieu. Saumon thai, boeuf français,canard italien, cerf épicé, thon japonais. 50 g each, which was a good enough portion for the two of us, considering we had just eaten an entree and we had some fries on the side. There were also some big croutons and some uh, puffy rice caky things to eat the tartar with. They were all delicious, but my favorite one was the duck! I believe it was the wife's favorite one too. The least favorite was probably the beef and le cerf, but still good, don't get me wrong! The salmon one was good, but I've eaten so much salmon tartar that it's getting kind of old. But again, don't get me wrong, it was still good! I think it was the beef that wasn't cut like I wanted it to be; some larger chunks were hiding in there and were a bit less 'fun' to eat. Le poisson et les viandes étaient mariés parfaitement aux ingrédients et aux marinades. Très bien exécuté. As for my drink, it was called a Fancy (vodka, limonata, coulis de fraises et basilic frais) and it was goooo-hoood! Even better, if you go between 5 and 8 PM, they are only 5 $!

The scores, shall we?

Bouffe: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10

This place is a great spot, surtout pour les amateurs de tartare (il y a d'autres mets, bien sûr!) ! Il y en a tellement (cliquez sur le titre en haut et vous serez envoyés au site internet) et, comme mentionné, sont très bien exécutés. Parfait pour des petits repas en amoureux, des repas d'affaires ou même des repas entre amis. Nous le suggérons fortement!

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