Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lakeview restaurant

Last month, ze wife and I were in Toronto and we went to this resto with my bf! Therefore this is the first edition of 'eating out in Toronto' !!!

We decided to go there because a: my friend had been there many times and b: it was close to her house. It was a nice not so little diner! I love diners! I just want hot waitresses rollerblading everywhere. But sadly, there were no rollerblading girls there :( It was nice, lot's of banquettes. I like those :) So as soon as we got in, we were seated. And as soon as we sat down, we got our menus. AND as soon as ze wife saw that there were milk shakes, she knew she wanted to order one. I felt the same about the 3$ mimosas! THREE DOLLARS!!! I think I had 3 throughout the meal! What? We were on vacation!

So we ordered the drinks first and ze wife,s milk shake arrived and lets just say it was QUITE the portion. Even SHE had a hard time finishing it.

Anyhoot, so we ordered: ze wife ordered a crab cake and a mac and cheese, friend and I had a burger with onion rings.. The crab cake was amazing. The onion rings were really good. Although I must say that it wasn't clear to me that I had to pay extra to trade my fries for onion rings. My burger was a bit dry and I maintain that the all time best meat burger is at McCarolds in CDN. My friend's burger was great and apparently 'it's basically every beautiful thing in a burger'. Hehe. The mac and cheese was dissapointing. It wasn't very tasty. Let's just agree that the best mac and cheese is at La Taverne in NDG.


Food: une moyenne de 7.25/10. I also have to mention that if ze wife would have only eaten the mac and cheese, she would have given 5 instead of 7.5

Service: 7.5 It was good, the waiter was nice and efficient but slow. Especially at the end, when we wanted the bill!

It was a good lunch with a great friend and a WONDERFUL girlfriend :) I would go back and take something else on the menu!

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