Friday, August 11, 2017

Chocolat, le comptoir

Ah, Griffintown. A place where there's a new restaurant every effin week. Every. Damn. Week. With those kinds of stats, I don't even know where they put them all. I mean, Griffintown is the size of, like, my hand. I'm exaggerating,: a box of Kleenex. Or a computer. All related things, as you can see (#mentalcase). Point is, it's small. Last year, this new chocolaterie opened up right at the corner of Guy and Ottawa, pretty much in the middle of nowhere. BTW, I had no idea how many people visited the middle of nowhere.
Chocolat is this cute little boutique, all dressed in white, that sells lots of different chocolate and, in the summer time, iiiiiiiice cream!!! They sell soft serve, sundays, even a tiny cone à la chicken for doggies! How awesome is that? They also sell a bunch of chocolate products. Kind of like being in heaven. Mmmmyes, chocolate heaven. Judging from outside, you would never think it'd be THIS cute.
I had the vanilla soft serve with chocolate and fleur de sel coulis. Wait. Did anyone say fleur de sel? Holy f*ck I love fleur de sel. Yes, I feel that strongly about it. The ice cream was nice and thick and soft and all that jazz. The chocolate and the fleur de sel on top were right on but I, as a glutton, would have liked more. MORE!!!

And now, the score!

Food: 8.5

Yep, I'll totes be going back. Hello, fleur de heaven.

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