Friday, June 2, 2017

Le Festin du Capitaine

I was invited to The Captain's Boil seafood boil battle. Not sure how I like the word 'boil', but let's skip that part. I invited ma gurl Bridge whom we will call boo. Because, she's ma boo, god damn it! Ya, we're tight like that. Get over it!
The premise of the bb or dsouble b as I like to call it is this: four Montreal chefs battle for the best seafood boil. Did you say seafood? I'm there! There was chef JC from Presto Gourmet (catering), chef Christ from Le Petit Creux (they serve everything from poutine to burgers to soup to dessert), chef Denis from pub Brewskey (in marché Bonsecours, where beer is the main ingredient!) and chef Victor from Tacos Victor (tacos, hello! ceviche, hello!!!). Btw, Victor had brought his cute kids!! And every dang time I said something inappropriate (or innapropes as we like to say) to Boo, he would pass by and look all shocked, and then she would make me feel bad about it. I must have said *fuck* at least three times around him. Way to ruin a childhood, Marie. WAY. To. Go.
The chefs had 45 minutes to prepare their boils (this word is not getting any better), so in the mean time, the hostess announced something that both made boo and I very happy. More than happy actually. I'd go more for 'ecstatic'. This is how it was announced: 'so that you have something to do while the chefs are cooking, we will be serving lobster. Excuse me, WHAT? Oh ma GAWD. I jumped on that sh*t faster than a cheetah jumps on its prey. Ya. I'm that quick.
Ah, the lobster: my ALL TIME favourite food. My mom once told me that when we use to head to Maine in the summer time when we were young'uns, she just wasn't able to be as fast as my sister and I when it came to breaking and eating those bad boys. I've been known to win lobster eating contests here and there and I owe it all to my mom. Merci, maman. Merci. Anyway. They served us half a`*huge mother freaking* lobster each with some spicy cajun style fries and we were in heaven. It was big. It was buterry. It was garlicky. It was awesome. They had provided bibs and gloves to eat the heavenly creatures but boo and I just went at it. Our table was full of carcasses in no time and we almost had butter dripping from our mouths. And then, an opportunity came along: the boys beside us had trouble cracking one of their HUGE claws. I said 'why do I go to the gym?' and then I spent 4 minutes trying AND successfully getting that meat out of that claw. It was my finest moment. Ever.

Back to the contest...
1st dish: Ceviche by chef Victor. Mussels and shrimp. Full of flavour and very fresh. There was also a nice sweet side to it which made it that much better.

2nd dish: 'Around the world' by Chef Denis. This was a bit odd. First bite was way too sweet and then it was way too spicy. Rice was overcooked and the temperature wasn't right. The clam was good though, and the shitake were meaty and effin awesome.

3rd dish: Somewhat of a paella by chef JC. The risotto was largely overcooked and the flavours just weren't there. The mussel was also way too huge. That sh*t kind of creeps me out. Seriously, even giants would have found this creature big. Alright, that made next to no sense.

4th dish: Louisiana seafood boil by chef Christ. Seafood, potatoes and corn; what else would a girl want? Well, these girls didn't really want them potatoes, but still. A bunch of spices including curry were in there and it was delightful. Delightful I say! Oh, and there was also a crab leg in there. Hello! The mussel had taken on all that awesome flavourin' and the corn was cooked to perfection. At some point, the spices became a bit too much for Bridge and I but it was still a great dish.

The winner (drum roll please): the 4th dish! We both LOVED chef Victor's ceviche but didn't find it as original as Christ's dish.

Service was... busy. We got there and got a great welcome. It's always nice to say that you are 'Eating Out Montreal' and guest. That will NEVER get old. We sat down, got some drinks and were told to mingle a bit before the real shiz started happening. It took everything in their power to get us extra napkins (we ravaged that lobster) and it took a while for us to get our second round of beverages. Yes. I AM demanding. All in all, it was good service. One really, REALLY bad thing they did was throw AWAY that big ass lobster claw I broke free from the shell when the guys were absent from their table. I mean, who DOES that? The answer is no one. NO one. It was all smiles though, which is always better!

And now, the scores!

Food: 8
Service: 9

Will I go back? Of their actual menu, we only got a taste of the lobster and that probably costs a gazillion dsollars. PLUS, a restaurant called the Captain's Boil isn't that appetizing to me. But hey, who knows, when I get rich and I feel like a having a little seafood snack, I might pass by :)

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