Sunday, June 4, 2017


About twice a year, I IKEA. Oh ya, it's a verb: I IKEA, you IKEA, we IKEA. As in 'hey, you want to IKEA today'. Yes. Don't mind if I do. When I went with my mom recently, I specifically asked we go around lunch time so that I could try somethin' on their menu. Somethin' other than their (awesome) meatballs. It was time for new adventures.
Last time I was in the IKEA cafeteria, it must have been last year. Thing is, from my recollection, it had about 10 tables and a small counter. That hardly makes any sense seeing as now, they have room for at least 100 clients and they have an actual ordering system in place. I told my mom about this and she was like 'ça fait longtemps que c'est comme ça, fille' (it's been like this for a while, daughter). I instantly blamed my brain surgery. Hey, I gots to use that excuse!
The actual place is very nice, complete with every last piece of IKEA furniture you'll find in the store. I mean, is there a better way to showcase what you are selling? No. No there isn't. You can take a little cart to put your trays in and sometimes, if you have the family card, you get discounts. Yaaassss! I loves me a good discounted meatball. The ambiance included lots of rolling cart noises and the view was on the big ass parking lot. Lovely, really. I'm kiiiiidding.
IFS or IKEA food services include the Swedish food market (hello, meatball sauce) and the restaurant. Whoever had this idea was a damn genius. A genius I say! They have good quality food and very competitive prices. OK, so, you go shopping, right? And then you stumble upon the restaurant and you decide, HEY, why not have a meatball or eight, and you have more time to talk about furniture buyin'. Then, you leave, you go through the store, and you buy more sh*t, because you are well rested and full of energy. And BAM: you've just spent another 200$!
We both had the salmon, another IKEA classic. Well, I think the meatballs are number 1 and the salmon is number 2. Oh, but then there are the hot dogs downstairs. AND the ice cream! F*ck it, they have a bunch of classics. Anyhoot, poached salmon with mustard sauce and barley salad. Hey, you can't go wrong with this healthy alternative. The fish was nice and hot and went really well with that smooth mustard sauce. A match made in heaven. Actually, I've been cooking my salmon with mustard ever since. Yes, I'm that impressionable. No I'm not. OK, only if YOU say so :p I really loved that salad: I rarely eat barley and damn it, I'm lookin' for new grains in ma life. It was cooked just right. The parsnip was undercooked but the other veggies were damn awesome. All I's gots to say is that it did NOT taste like cafeteria food.
After the cash, thee are more opportunities to get us with extra purchasin': ice cream, hot-dogs, fries, oh my! We just had to have ourselves a nice little choco/vanilla soft served ice cream cone.
I wasn't the one that got up and went to the counter but according to my mama, service was quick and efficient and very well organized. I would not expect anything else from the most organized store in the world.

And now, the scores!

Food: 8.5
Service: 9

Don't even ask; like the Terminator, I'll be back! (OK, it's only because I JUST saw Arnold on my computer... and no other reason)

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