Friday, January 8, 2016

Café Lucci

A month or so ago, I was walking to work on a cold, rainy day and I was just, well, I was blah. That's the technical word of course. And then, out of no where, this kind looking older man hands me a coupon for a free hot chocolate at his new café (there's a new restaurant/café every flinging flanging week in Griffintown!) on William about a 2 minute walk from work. Hello! I obviously had to go and check it out, get my free hot chocolate, and get somethin' to eat along with it! But first, I had to work. So I decided to go the following day.
I was going to have to take it out and eat it at work because as I was ordering, I noticed I was aleady supposed to be at work. Ps, this never EVER happens. I am a very responsible employee. Plus, I got my boss' approval.The place itself is a bit dark... ok a lot dark. The kind of darkness I wouldn't want if I'd be studying in a café (and I saw some people doing it), the kind I'd want if, let's say, I'd have a migraine.
So I had the hot chocolate and the 'Nutty Goat' sandwich (ugh, I know, it's a horrible picture). The hot chocolate was great and hit that it's-minus-20-outside spot. Very creamy and smooth.

The sandwich didn't get to hit that many spots. It was so small that, well, it couldn't have! Ha. It looked like there was nothing in it. The goat cheese was good and the basil was awesome in there and very tasty and the tomato gave bursts of, well, tomato juice in my mouth. The bread was nice and crunchy and the honey gave it just the amount of sweetness I wanted. And obviously accompanied well with the cheese. The nuts were, wait, what nuts? Well they were nonexistent. I wanted that extra crunch and that extra somethin' somethin' but they were nowhere to be found, sadly.

And now, the score!

Food: 6.5

All in all, it was OK.... but the meal was largely saved by that hot chocolate. I felt a bit cheated and cetainly not full.

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