Friday, December 18, 2015

Buck 15

Buck 15 Espresso bar is this tiny little place on the north west corner of Notre-Dame and Atwater. I had checked it out a couple months back and had put it on the back burner. Well, 2 weeks ago, it was time!
The place is tiny. Tinier than most coffee shops. Tinier than my freaking closet. OK, I exaggerate. There's a table right in the middle with about 10 seats around it and two counters with high chairs making the place big enough for 16 regular sized people. Chill reggae music (wait, is reggae ever NOT chill) was playing and most people seemed to be studying for finals. There also seemed to be many regulars, saying hey to the waitress and the cook. There were a couple girls pretty much screaming out and I just wanted to say this to them: calm down.

Warning: they do not accept interac. Which, by the way, is really annoying. Come ooooon! Everyone accepts freakin' interac these days. Had to go across the street and take some money out. When I came back, the line had sort of disappeared which made me happy because that meant I was going to get my food THAT much faster! Or so I thought (oooooh the suspense!).

I started to order and the first two things on my list that I really REALLY wanted, they were out of. Are you seriously serious about this? Darn tootin! I ordered a hot chocolate and an 'Avo yo toast'.
The hot chocolate. Oh. My. Chocolate. God. They could have sold it to me for 10 bucks, it still would have been a good deal! It was creamy, chocolaty, HAZELNUTTY goodness. Right. In. My. Mouth. The hazelnut was a surprise and it made the drink that much better. It tasted so flinging flanging great. It wasn't as hot as I would have liked it to be so I'll only give it a 10. Hot, it could have won contests, medals, olyyyyyympics!
Avo yo toast. Avocado? Good. Egg? Gooood. Avocado AND egg on toast? Goooood! This was lovely. The bread was hot and tender and oh-so-multigrainy-tasty, the avocado was perfect and the dill, which y'all know I'm not usually a fan of, was actually pretty awesome. I would have appreciated a runny egg yolk though. The dukkah was a first for me but what a great discovery. It's basically a mix of herbs, nuts and spices. I will put dukkah on everything from now on. You know; bread, veggies, omelets, cereal. OK maybe not that last one. I'm just going cray cray for dukkah! 

Service was, what's the word I'm looking for... CRAPPY. I'm not even trying to be mean, it's just a fact. The regulars (and favourites) that arrived way after me got served way before me. When I asked the waitress where in the holy hell my food was, she kind of shrugged and said 'soon'. If I hadn't payed for my food in advance, I would've been out of there in a jiffy. So I waited and waited and waited some more. I was thinking to myself how long it could possibly take to make this dish. They must have parboiled eggs at the ready and then there's the spread and the toasting of the bread. I'd say 3 minutes tops? I waited, and I ain't exaggerating here, at least 30 minutes. THIRTY! For a freaking toast! Ridiculous! I also had to ask for some water. Y'all KNOW how I feel about this. Oh, you know.

And now, the scores!

Food: 7.5
Service: -2 No, but seriously, I give it a 5.

I really want to go back to eat whatever I didn't get to eat when I went. But I also don't want to wait half an hour for a toast. Decisions, decisions.

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Wenni Donna said...

What great food place this is! I loved the food reviews you shared here and can’t wait to taste these delicious cuisines. I have tried food at all domestic Los Angeles event venues but never been to this one. I might visit there soon!