Monday, April 7, 2014


*Flash review alert!*

I was having lunch with my dad today and yesterday he called me to tell me that we should go to Furusato! How happy was I? And today, he told me that his girlfriend would be joining which made me even happier :)

This place is tiny and it opens at 11h45 AM so you should get there by 11h40 to be sure to have a spot. You can make reservations and so you get in and half the tables are always reserved! I've been there with my dad at least 10 times and we've always been satisfied.

Enough of this, let's talk food!

First, THE tea. It comes in this oh-so-cute little tea pot :) Plus, when it's empty, we get more! It's nice and hot and so body warmin' on cold days (damn you never ending winter).


-could not get simpler
-iceberg and ONE piece of pepper (sheesh!)
-nice tasting japanese vinaigrette

Miso soup

-Like the tea, very nice on a cold day!
-Not that much seaweed=good and not overwhelming
-Nice taste and simple soup
-Must cost about 0,02 cents to make :p

Sushi Mori: 5 nigiri, 1 cone, 2 heiwa (futomaki), 3 cucumber hosomaki

-2 tuna, 1 shrimp, 1 salmon and 1 white fish (TBD ...) nigiri
-Not VERY well rolled
-Quite tasty except the white fish had some fat on it


-Neapolitan ice cream
-NOTHING special
-Liked their green tea ice cream: much better and much more fitting

The service was OK. The girl, who barely spoke any english or french had a hard time understanding us. First off, I asked for three glasses of water but she only brought ME one. Then we had to tell her we said three. Meh. And I mean, poor her, until 12h30, she was alone, serving the whole restaurant. Even if it's not that big, with 4 courses + tea plus person, it can get quite hectic I bet! When we asked for water the second time around, we got it 10 minutes later.

And now, the scores!

Food: 7
Service: 6.5

Even if it's not the best rolled sushi in town and doesn't have the best service, at that price (around 11,50$), I'd go back every day :)

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Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Service is awesome. Sushi is always fresh. And you just can't beat the price. I work next to Nori Sushi so I like to go here every week.
Get the Udon and your favorite sushi roll, you will not be disappointed

nori sushi

Marie said...

Awesome, thanks!