Sunday, October 6, 2013


Flash review alert!

My friend Lena was in town from Vermont and so we decided to go to Grenadine. We got there and two things came up. 1: the hostess/maîte d' was a friend from school and we were super excited to see each other (we met in Session 5 at ITHQ and you know when you meet someone at the last minute and you're sad that you didn't have the time you needed with her?) and 2: it was full :(

Therefore, we headed to Mikado. You can't go wrong with Mikado! I had been there once before and everyone I know loves this place. Seriously in the top Sushi restaurants in MTL.

-way better than most I've had

-Sweet sauce
-Did not fall apart

-Avocado was soft and silky
-Tuna and salmon rolls were 'solid' like Lena said
-Well rolled or 'tight' like I said
-Crab futomaki was good but a tad dry
-Delightful like lena mentioned

And now, the scores!

Food: 8.5
Service: 6  Our waiter was not very present

Go there. That's it. Best sushi in town.

Mikado St-Denis on Urbanspoon

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