Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dinette Triple Crown

Another flash review! You know what? I loveS them because once in a while you want to enjoy your food but you also want to enjoy the company (especially when you don't see that person a lot!) !

This place is TINY. Like, tiny, tiny!!! And oh so cute with jars everywhere! What's fun is that you order and then they put your food in a picnic basket so you can eat accross the street, in the park! SO cute!

Sweet potatoes

-A tad burnt (but good burnt, you know?)
-Nice texture
-Added cinnamon made it that much better

Macaroni and cheese

-Cheesy (uh, duh!)
-Creamy, yet dry :/

Fried chicken

-Great spices
-Good crunch
-Crispiness galore
-A tad dry


-Some were too vinegary and the one in the styrofoam cup set too quickly, it was whhhheird. On the other hand, the BBQ sauces were dsamn great!

And now, the scores!

Food: 8 (my prof drank a lovely lemonade with some ginger in there)
Service: 9 (True, we didn't deal with the waitress that much but she was nice and explained the dishes very well)

Such a cute place to go to! I mean, when do you get to say you ate 'at a restaurant, picnic style, in the park' ?

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