Saturday, June 1, 2013

Au p'tit cochon santé

Thank you Chris for writing a great review on an apparently not so great restaurant :p

So on this wonderful Saturday morning, since a new breakfast restaurant just opened right in front of my house, I decided to invite my wife for a little eat-eat to test out the place. After all, it’s so close that if it’s even remotely decent, I’ll be spending a fortune there over the years!
The waitress sits us promptly, for which I was happy, I don’t wait in line, you either have space or you lose my business.

Once seated, we were offered wonderful artisanal coffee and home made orange juice (probably the best thing at the place). I opened the menu, flipped through the pages, closed the menu, and stared blankly ahead. My wife looked concerned, “What’s wrong?” she asked. “You wont believe this… I don’t believe it…” I answered, not sure if I was annoyed or insulted.You see, the place is called Au P’tit Cochon (At The Little Pig), they call themselves a breakfast place, yet… They don’t serve bacon! That’s not the worst part… There’s no ‘bacon and eggs’ choice on their menu, and that’s unforgivable for a breakfast place. I mean, come on! It’s like opening a place called Joe’s Pizza and only serving burgers!

Our breakfast for two cost us over 40$, and I believe, as breakfasts go, it was the most money I EVER wasted on something I didn’t want to have, at a restaurant they tricked me into going there with false advertising. 

For service you get a 6.5. It was decent for a pretentious place, but any longer and I would have stood up and walked out.
As for food, I’m giving you an 8 with a penalty of -6 points for being too stupid to understand that if you open a breakfast place called ‘Au P’tit Cochon’, and you don’t serve bacon and eggs, people are going to make fun of you (and never return).

So yeah, not recommended unless you’re one of those pretentious hipster foodies who enjoys the irony of not being able to order a proper breakfast in a breakfast restaurant.

ps: on urbanspoon, the new one is not up yet so this is the score for the one in Rosemère. And there I was thinking St-Henri had changed names :p

Au P'Tit Cochon Santé on Urbanspoon

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