Thursday, March 21, 2013

Caravane Café

Caravane Café opened right around Christmas time, only a couple blocks away from our place. It was nice to see the youngsters (the owners seem quite young) make this place what it is today and transform the old bakery that was there (man, that lovely smell that came out of that bakery every time I passed by... yum!). Anyhoot, we don't usually go to cafés next to our place... but we wanted to see the changes that were made.

You go in and it's so darn cute! There's about 20 seats (including two at the side counter) and it gives the student a new place to study instead of Van Houtte, Starbucks, or Second Cup in Upper Côte-des-Neiges. Even though I hate coffee, I like the smell of it and this place has plenty of that!

We were just going there to check out the place and see what they had to offer. They have about 8 varieties of sandwiches, 1 salad of the day and 1 soup of the day. They also have some crème brûlée in cute little white pots. Ze wife found it 'sooo cute'. They have a bunch of coffee (they make their own blend), tea and hot chocolate. All at a very reasonable price! Mama loves low prices (ps: 'mama' is me ;)

I had hot chocolate, ze wife had the chai latte and we shared the crème brûlée. The crème brûlée was really good and unctuous, with a smooth texture. Just great! On top of it, to make sure it had a nice crispy top, it was torched right when we bought it. The hot chocolate was good but not the best. It was obvious that it was made from powder. The chai latte was watery just like my hot chocolate. It didn't taste like the amazing (yes, amazing!) one we make at home with love (and wait until it has seeped into the milk). I'm sure the coffee's good... but we don't drink coffee!

The service was great: very nice waitress, very friendly. She was quite pleasant.  She was the only one there and she was quick and efficient! I like me some quick and efficient restaurant peeps!

And now, the scores:

Food(and beverages): I'm gonna have to half it...drinks: 5.5 and crème brûlée: 9
Service: 10 (ok, we only had 2 drinks and a crème brûlée, but still)

If you need a nice place to relax in a pleasant environment, perhaps a place to study or just a place to have a little coffee, go to Caravane Café!

ps: They also have a great terrasse for summer fun!

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